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  • And The Winner of the #FutureofPR Contest Is…

    The future of PR is not only bright it’s vibrant and visual. Earlier this month we sponsored the release of Brian Solis’ new eBook “What If PR Stood for People and Relationships?” a manifesto about the future of PR. But, we couldn’t let Brian have all the fun, so we teamed up with Canva to host The Future of PR hashtag contest.

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  • Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter

    Regular Twitter users know self-proclaimed social media experts gurus and ninjas are a dime a dozen. How can you sort through all the fluff? You could scan through millions of tweets and vet the Twittervese, or you could let Vocus do the work for you. By leveraging Vocus product technology, our algorithim determined the top social media professionals to follow on Twitter thr ...

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  • Tell Us the Future of PR and Win an iPad

    Here at Vocus, we’re proud to sponsor, along with Cision, best-selling author Brian Solis’ new eBook “What If PR Stood for People and Relationships?” This book outlines a new future for PR and technology. Illustrated by Gapingvoid, Brian challenges communicators to harness technology to strengthen customer relations and deliver business outcomes.

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  • The Santa Cycle and Its Impact on The News

    This is a guest post by Batt Humphreys, former CBS News executive and creator of Inside Media. The calendar is barely into autumn and the stores are heading into December. The increasingly early launch of the “big” shopping season has become more like a policy of mutually assured deductions. The earlier the displays go up, the earlier stores will mark their prices down and wel ...

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  • Measurement: Don’t Get Caught in the Weeds

    NPR is pretty much a pillar of American society. Even if you’re not a listener, you probably know someone who religiously listens to the network on the way to work, school, during work or while straightening up the house. Like all modern businesses, technology created new competition NPR. Nope it’s not CNN, the WSJ or another radio news program; it’s iTunes.

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  • RIP AVE and Hello Big Data for PR

    Over a decade ago, data and PR were rarely used in the same sentence. Now, with the explosion of resources for measuring and tracking, PR pros can no longer run away from data. To succeed in modern day PR, practitioners need to embrace having the ability to track PR like never before and leverage it to achieve success.

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  • What Is PR 2.0? Cookie Cutter PR Beware!

    PR is different. I take that back. The world is different. How we make decisions, buy things, talk with friends is evolving…and evolving fast. I can’t think of the last time I tried a new restaurant without Yelping and sleuthing through user reviews. No ad or press release can override the feedback of real customers and people in my network.

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  • Solving Social Media’s ROI Mystery

    This is a guest post from Nichole Kelly for her upcoming Vocus Webinar on July 23d at 2:00 p.m. ET. There is no doubt that social media ROI has remained elusive to marketers. The Social Media Marketing Industry report released in May 2014 showed that 88 percent of marketers want to know how to measure the ROI from social media.

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  • 3 Ways Nonprofits Can Win Using For-Profit Marketing Tactics

    Although their end goals may differ, the lines between for-profit and nonprofit organizations are blurring. Just like for-profits, nonprofits have to stand out in a crowded marketplace to survive. During the ninth annual Bridge Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference, Vocus Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Mark Thabit mapped out how nonprofits ...

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  • Want to Win Publicity? Download Our Free Guide!

    Newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs are under constant pressure to keep up with the 24/7 news cycle. To meet this demand for content, media outlets need help coming up with exciting new ideas and finding more sources for stories. Although there’s huge demand for content, professional communicators face stiff competition as other brands pitch and create more.

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  • 3 Steps to Making Bottom-Line Impact With Social Media

    In 2014, social media is no longer a phenomenon. With Facebook entering its tweens, social media has matured and big brands and small companies alike have incorporated it into their larger public relations and marketing strategy. Despite the popularity of social media for customer service, engagement and branding, many brands still struggle to identify its bottom-line value.

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