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  • 10 Free Stock Photo Websites That Don't Suck

    I don't know about you, but seeing photos like this on a website make me cringe. They’re so stale, cold, and unrelatable. Is she even a real person?! Does she feel real feelings?! High-quality imagery is important to highlighting written content and making it easier to understand, but settling for average, staged, unrealistic stock photos can actually detract from your site ...

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  • 3 Essential Elements For Designing a Successful Landing Page

    "I know what good design, but I don't know why.” This is probably a thought you’re super familiar with. Good design is intuitive, expressive, structured, and informative; all elements you hope will be present on your website, especially on your landing pages. Designing a landing page is tough. Figuring out what elements go into one that is both beautifully designed and hig ...

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