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  • 5 Steps That Will Improve Workplace Productivity and Efficiency

    “People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the company’s product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” – Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics Running a business successfully is a lot more than just tallying up the monthly balance sheet or having a great-looking website.

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  • Does My Credit Score Affect My Ability to Start a Business?

    Have you ever missed a credit card or loan payment? You may be surprised to learn that even if you “caught up” on your payments, your personal credit may still have taken a hit– and that could hurt your business credit score, too. Many lenders review an applicant’s personal credit scores as part of the lender’s decision to grant or not grant a loan, according to Quickbooks.

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  • 3 Considerations Before Diving in and Starting Up

    Creating a business is exciting. When you finally get the paperwork from your attorney, and see your limited company listed online with your state’s business authority, it starts to hit you. You’ve taken the first step towards financial independence. But before you go diving in, here are a few important lessons I’ve learned along the way that I hope you’ll consider.

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  • Selling on Instagram and Making the Most of It

    Perhaps it’s been a long day. Perhaps you’re on your way to work. Or maybe work is getting a little too boring. You probably turn to Instagram to find something interesting and funny, right? Instagram is the distraction of choice for most people. In fact, in a recent study from Facebook IQ and Ipsos Connect, lead researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano says: People surveyed who u ...

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  • 5 Genuine Reasons Your Business Is Losing Clients

    Running a business requires a certain skill set. Mental toughness and not being complacent are two key factors that determine the success of any business. One challenge for which entrepreneurs require grit is when their clients leave without explanation. This problem is difficult because it can be so unexpected. And you might be next in line-there’s no telling.

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  • 5 Components of Running a Modern Age Successful Ecommerce Business

    The world is changing. Today’s businesses are global and virtual. Global ecommerce business is now worth more than 1.2 trillion dollars. Be it a B2B or B2C ecommerce site, the dynamics are changing and today’s businesses need more than just good products to survive on the web. Given below are five important components of running a successful ecommerce business in modern age.

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  • 4 Strategies to Save on Startup Legal Fees

    Major issues stopping budding entrepreneurs from going full-blown and starting a business are the legal matters and associated costs. Lawyers are going to charge you a lot for good reason. Experienced lawyers charge between $100-$200 per hour, and most startups cannot afford their rates. Starting a new business requires a number of things to be taken care of including drawing ...

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  • 5 Ingredients to Creating the Right Business Model

    It is good to be ambitious and dream big. Almost all of us want to turn into entrepreneurs, running our own businesses. But merely thinking of becoming an entrepreneur will not work any magic for you. You need to have a solid business model to achieve your dreams. A business idea can come from anywhere – a need, a passion, or a story in a newspaper – but it is not always a good idea.

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  • 3 Tax Strategies for SME’s and Startups

    There are very few business people that spend their days thinking up ways to pay more in taxes to their government. In fact, the majority spend significant time every year seeking out accountants and tax professionals to help them minimize their tax obligations. This is an understandable pursuit, as every dollar, pound or rupee that heads to the government represents resourc ...

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  • The 10 Best SmartPhone Apps for Financial Management and Budgeting

    A good smartphone isn’t cheap, especially if you care about special features and hardware capabilities. Of course, the better the mobile phone is, the more you’ll have to pay. However, for those who know how to use one, it can be a wise investment that practically pays for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

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