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  • The Top 4 Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    Savvy hoteliers are generally more aware of hotel marketing strategies that will bring in more business for their hotel after conducting research and/or engaging in marketing experimentation. But, are they aware of the things to avoid when marketing their hotel? Many marketing mistakes have been made by even the largest and most successful hotels, making it beneficial for hotel ...

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  • What Hoteliers Need to Know About Bleisure Travelers

    Over the past few years, the hospitality industry’s segment of business and leisure travelers have begun to merge into a single entity, now known as “bleisure” travelers. Bleisure travel refers to an extension of business travel that turns into leisure travel. For example, a business trip that may include family or a significant other, which then leads to a short vacation and extended hotel stay.

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  • The Top 7 Hotel Blunders on Travel Reviews

    Even though travel review websites are gaining popularity and significance among travelers, many hoteliers still do not leverage travel reviews to their hotel’s advantage. It is very important to respond and interact with guests through reviews, in order to prove that their voices matter, fix any issues that are mentioned and improve the credibility of your hotel.

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  • Hot in Hospitality: The Top 5 Travel Trends for Summer 2014

    Summer days are here again, meaning that travel is going to be one of the hottest things to do this season. With the demands of today’s travelers soaring high, hoteliers best prepare themselves by acknowledging and acting upon the top travel trends for the summer season in 2014. Are you already aware of several travel trends and using them to your advantage to help your hotel i ...

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  • The Anatomy of Hotel Personalization That Gets Greater Conversions

    New expectations and greater demands from travelers are becoming more prominent in the hospitality industry. In this day and age, travelers are increasingly becoming less satisfied with staying at a no-frills, basic hotel. In order to provide for today’s demanding travelers, hoteliers ought to ask themselves, “What value can I provide to guests that would entice them to stay at ...

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  • How to use Call Tracking to Drive Mobile Bookings

    It’s easy to become accustomed to plainly answering phone calls from the front desk, but is there a way for hoteliers to capitalize on the monotony of the voice channel to bring in more ROI for their hotel? The answer lies in the power and benefits of call tracking. Call tracking is a powerful analytical tool that enables hoteliers to find which sources lead to conversions, det ...

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  • How to Improve ROI on Mobile Bookings

    The immense opportunity and benefits of having a mobile platform is becoming a huge reality in the hospitality industry today. According to a 2014 study from Google, 13% of online travel booking revenue is now coming from mobile, with an ongoing growth of 116% year over year. With the continued growth of mobile use, it is inevitable that desktop use is on the decline for travel ...

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  • Start the Season Strong with Staycations to Increase Hotel Bookings

    The summer season is fast approaching, and that typically means that your hotel’s occupancy rates will hopefully be booming around this time of the year. Summer is a busy season for the hospitality industry, but how is your hotel faring during other seasons of the year? Hoteliers are quick to notice, and hopefully prepare for, the low season(s) of business where fewer guests ar ...

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  • Go Mobile or Lose Out on Potential Revenue

    The recent eruption of smartphones and tablets over the last several years has greatly changed the playing field in the hospitality industry. Modern travelers are quickly becoming digitally empowered by the large amount of digital innovations available to them. Thus, causing a dynamic shift in online user behavior and a growing use of mobile phones and tablets for travel planning and booking.

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