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  • Punch Through Social Media Noise In 5 Steps

    Did you know that Facebook users send about 31.25 million messages a minute? Or that more than 17,000 LinkedIn profiles are viewed in just 60 seconds? That’s a LOT of Web activity. No wonder even the best social media campaigns still get buried under huge global news or sensationalized updates. If you’re a top brand, then there’s less to worry about because you already have a ...

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  • Creating Content for Google’s RankBrain

    Google revealed in October that it uses artificial intelligence to help with 15% of search queries. Named RankBrain, the system analyzes vague, ambiguous queries and matches them with the most relevant results. It’s a critical component to the search-engine giant’s algorithm. In fact, Google’s Greg Corrado told Bloomberg that RankBrain is now the third-highest signal contribu ...

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  • 5 Tricks to Generate Extra Sales After the Holidays

    Right after the holiday rush, all everyone wants to do (entrepreneurs included) is lie down and relax. Sales typically come to a halt as a new wave hits stores: product returns. Unwanted items will soon return to shelves as business owners scramble to find buyers for returned inventory. If you prepared for this situation ahead of time, your staff should be able to handle the influx of customers.

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  • The ONE Thing Businesses Should Make Top Priority

    Published 1 min ago 28 Do you believe in the power of ONE? I don’t mean the movie (awesome as it was), but rather the concept that sometimes in life, just doing ONE thing is enough. As digital marketers, we’re used to enumerating lots of possibilities, solutions and would-be results. However, when we show this data to clients, they’re often dumbfounded.

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  • 4 Practical Tips to Win With Evergreen Content

    Who doesn’t love new stuff? Whether it’s news, gossip, or the latest fashion trend – we all want a piece of the action. FOMO (fear of missing out), it seems, is very real and not just some strange social media slang. No one likes feeling left out, so we do our best to be in the know on all the new things happening around us.

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  • Why Your Website Needs Proper Structured Data

    Structured Data has long been given emphasis by Google as a crucial part in crawling web pages. It is an important element of search engine optimization which we can’t just ignore. As marketers, you’re likely aware of the basic elements of search engine optimization like Meta descriptions, headings, and title tagging.

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  • 3 Onsite Factors that Impact User Experience

    In life and in digital marketing, little things count. From the position of your brand logo, to your choice of website color scheme – there are a wide range of factors that come together to affect an online visitor’s perception and overall experience. One may argue that responses to these onsite elements are subjective. Although that’s true to some extent, at the end of the day, majority rules.

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  • How To Optimize Your Website Without Link-Building

    If you work in the search engine optimization sector, you’ve probably heard too many times that ‘link-building is dead’. Well, yes and no. Yes, because links alone won’t get you far these days. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm; weeding out unnatural links or penalizing sites with spammy content.

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  • How Going Mobile Can Give Local Store Owners More Sales

    You might think that being mobile-friendly is just good for getting clicks on your website and giving users a better mobile experience – but it’s actually more than that. According to a 2014 Consumer Local Search study by Google, 50 percent of respondents visited a store within a day after searching for information on their mobile phone.

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