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  • Google Chrome SSL certificate proposal could affect millions of websites

    Last year, the developers behind Google’s Chrome browser began taking steps designed to protect users and encourage companies to use HTTPS. But now, potentially millions of websites that use SSL certificates issued by Symantec and affiliated resellers could find that their certificates are effectively worthless as far as Chrome is concerned, after a member of the Chrome team p ...

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  • Can sub-three second video ad views deliver results?

    Brands have been upping their investments in new ad products from popular social media services, but are they getting their money’s worth? Some are reportedly starting to ask that very question in the face of metrics that raise questions about their potential efficacy. Take Snapchat and its ad offerings, for instance.

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  • Marketers now turn to social for product launches

    When it comes time to launch a new product, the majority of marketers in the US, the UK, and Australia are now turning to social media. Five by Five, a marketing communications firm that specializes in product launches, polled more than 700 marketers in these countries and found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of them consider social media to be the highest-priority medium to ...

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  • Facebook is bringing its Audience Network to television

    By some estimates, Google and Facebook are capturing upwards of 80% of every new dollar spent on digital advertising. But with the pool of dollars spent on television ads still being slightly greater than the pool of dollars spent on digital ads, it’s no surprise that both companies are trying to find ways to tap into television ad budgets.

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  • Publishers are struggling with AMP page monetization

    Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative has gained significant traction in the past 12 months, and high-profile publishers such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Hearst are among the many companies that have adopted AMP. According to a DoubleClick study conducted earlier this year that looked at various performance metrics of AMP pages across 150 publis ...

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  • Coalition for Better Ads to make digital ads great again

    A new organization, The Coalition for Better Ads, has been launched to “leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.” Supported by founding members like Google, Facebook, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, GroupM and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the new ...

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  • Adblock Plus gets into the ad business with launch of RTB platform

    Adblock Plus, one of the most popular ad blocking add-ons for browsers, is getting into the ad business with the launch of a new marketplace that allows publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads that are not subject to ad blocking. The marketplace is an extension of Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads initiative, which was launched in 2011.

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  • Long-form and live video delivers higher ad completion rates

    Publishers are scrambling to produce more digital video content to meet advertiser demand for video ad inventory, and some are even turning to automated video creation technologies. But when it comes to video ad effectiveness, not all video content is created equal. According to a study by FreeWheel Media, in Q1 2016, ads on long-form video content saw a 95% completion rate, ...

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  • Facebook unleashes its very own mobilegeddon

    Last year, Google changed its algorithm to favour mobile-friendly sites. The change was dubbed Mobilegeddon as it threatened businesses that had not built mobile-friendly sites with lower rankings. Now, Google rival Facebook is weighing in on mobile-friendliness. Citing research, the social network says up to 40% percent of users will abandon a mobile site after three seconds of delay.

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  • Marketers have high hopes for automated content

    In a poll conducted to accompany the ClickZ Intelligence Digital Trends 2016 report, nearly a quarter of respondents identified content marketing as the key trend for their company this year. But despite the widespread adoption of content marketing, companies still face numerous challenges in putting it to use effectively.

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  • Facebook begins thwarting ad blockers

    Although Facebook now generates upwards of 80% of its revenue from mobile ads, the world’s largest social network isn’t waving the white flag on desktop ad blocking. Yesterday, it announced that it’s changing the way it delivers desktop ads in an effort to thwart ad blocking software. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s Ads & Business Platform VP, didn’t mince words, telling the ...

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  • Is Donald Trump’s earned media hurting his brand?

    The 2016 US election features a presidential candidate like no other. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, has more than 30 million followers across all of the social channels he’s active on, and on Twitter, his most prolific channel, he has over 10 million, approximately two million more than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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  • As Google AMP enters the mobile SERPs, some see lower CTRs

    Last week, Google announced that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are making their way into the organic mobile SERPs. While AMP is not a ranking signal, at least not yet, this announcement is a milestone for the initiative that Google launched earlier this year in an effort to speed up the mobile web.

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  • Live-streaming presents opportunities, challenges for advertisers

    As video becomes an integral part of the social web, live-streaming has fast become one of the hottest trends. Spurred by the early success of Meerkat and Periscope, in April, Facebook launched Live, its own live-streaming feature. Reportedly, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is “obsessed” with live-streaming and believes Live is critical to his company’s future.

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  • Yelp targets businesses who threaten negative reviewers with legal action

    Online reviews can in some cases make or break a business, so it’s no surprise that many businesses take their online reviews very, very seriously. But some take their concern over what customers are saying about them online too far, and try to silence customer criticism with legal threats. Others have incorporated legalese such as non-disparagement clauses into contracts tha ...

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  • Google brings programmatic to native ads

    Programmatic, while still the source of much confusion, is a now a huge part of the digital advertising ecosystem. In fact, according to eMarketer, this year, two-thirds of digital display ad spend in the United States will be programmatic. Because of the demand for programmatic, popular online services like Spotify are embracing programmatic ad offerings, and companies are n ...

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