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  • 7 Reasons to Lay a Bet on Instagram Micro-Influencers in 2018

    If you believe that launching an advertising campaign is enough to beat your competitors, we have bad news for you then: those days are far behind us. And truth to be told: most customers opt for skipping an ad as they are fed up with the overly polished professional pictures that seem too good to be true. As Forbes has reveal ...

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  • Find Your Call-To-Acton Sweet Spot With Scrollmap

    Don’t know exactly where to put your CTA? Should it go up top? Or at the bottom? Is my web page too long? With Scrollmap not only can you determine the best length for your landing page to receive more conversions but you can also know exactly where to place your calls-to-action. Easy to Understan ...

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  • How To Diagnose Ineffective Content (and Turn Your Performance Around)

    Giuseppe Fratoni had a simple battle plan: he would put his business blog at center stage, create great content to position himself as an expert, and drive loads of traffic to his blog (ultimately generating more leads and more clients). Beginning with the well-known content marketing method of interviewing experts, he had visions of his blog and business driving traffic ver ...

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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Audience to Act on Limited-Time Offers

    You already know that limited-time offers are a powerful marketing tool. Consumers have a burning desire to jump on the exclusivity bandwagon and get their hands on something special before they miss out. When HubSpot performed an A/B test using a control page and a limited-time offer page, the limited-time offer outperformed the control by 8%.

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