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  • 3 Quick and Simple Customer Surveys

    3 Quick and Simple Customer Surveys May 26, 2016 - Posted by Alan Traverse to CRM/ Local Marketing Here are three surveys that will give you an excellent feel for what your customers are thinking. First let’s go over a few basics: Ask them to take your survey, but don’t tell them how to take it. If you’ve ever been to a car dealership, you know they beg for high scores.

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Do Customer Research

    I’ve been asked by friends, family members and former students who own small businesses for help doing research. My advice ranges from keep it very simple to don’t do it at all. That may seem strange coming from someone whose livelihood depends on research, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to spend the money and expend the effort.

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  • Analysis: Recession Not Likely

    Analysis: Recession Not Likely May 3, 2016 - Posted by Alan Traverse to Business Matters I’ve heard a lot of gloom and doom about GDP for the first quarter. This has been a slow and sometimes painful recovery to say the least, but let’s not forget the recovery from the last recession was almost as bad.

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  • Looking to Expand? Check Unemployment Rates

    Should you expand your business? Knowing when it and if it’s a good time to expand your business is a complicated question and fraught with unexpected and probably very exciting twists and turn ...

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  • How to Price. A Guide for Small Business.

    How do you know what you should charge for your products or services? How will you know if it’s ok to raise prices? The outcome for your business to these decisions could be highly profitable or disastrous. One way to figure out what to charge is to find out what everyone else is charging. That’s a perfectly reasonable approach and a good place to start, but that may not always work.

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