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  • Growth Hacking: Free Digital Marketing Tools Even the Pros Love [Infographic]

    You can’t hang a picture without a nail and hammer, and you can’t be a top-notch marketer without some handy tools at your disposal. It’s important to always be on the lookout for the next big way to be more productive and efficient; tactics or tools that will save you time and sanity. Unfortunately, sometimes, those tools just aren’t in the budget, but have no fear! There ...

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  • The Top 10 Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016 [SlideShare]

    Glittering glasses and the glowing Time Square ball drop may ring it in with a bang, but partying like it’s 1999 isn’t the only thing that ensues with a new year. A new year also marks the pivotal point for updating marketing tactics. Over the course of 2015, there were updates, new strategies, and technologies that changed the landscape of inbound marketing forever.

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  • 9 Five-Star Tips for Writing Headlines that Really Work [Infographic]

    I’ve always been taught to never judge a book by its cover. But I’ve also always asked, if I can’t choose my next bedtime novel solely by the picture on the front, what else makes me want to read it? After some proverbial soul searching, the answer became clear. The make-or-break moment is -- the title.

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  • 25 Social Media Statistics to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

    Social media has completely changed the landscape of Marketing. However, of the various digital marketing strategies, social media is still the one that raises the most questions from marketers. Businesses aren't sure which social media strategies work best or how to measure ROI, but they believe social media marketing is important and they're ready to spend money to improve their efforts.

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  • 6 Friction-Free Website Popups You Wish You Had

    There is a battle going on between Inbound Marketers - to popup or not to popup. Some go “*gasp* Never use them! They irritate visitors”, while others swear by their effectiveness and can’t encourage you enough to give them a shot. Website popups (or Popup Calls-to-Action) can provide your visitors with a valuable extra chance to convert and when designed and implemented pr ...

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  • The 3 Types of Content People Love to Share [Data-Packed Infographic]

    What do “Charlie Bit My Finger”, Buzzfeed quizzes, and #BringBackOurGirls all have in common? They are all viral sensations -- pieces of content that were so good, they’ve been shared by millions of people across social media. They are pieces that pushed all the right buttons. They were appealing, helpful, or entertaining enough that people wanted, no needed, to share it w ...

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  • Here’s the Ideal Content Lengths of Everything [Infographic]

    When I first started writing at IMPACT, every time I would be assigned something I’d ask, “How long do you want it to be?” Maybe it’s a reflex after years and years of school essay writing requirements (XYZ must be 10 pages long, not double spaced), but I know for sure that I’m not alone in my confusion. People love to be told what works best. It gives us a starting and an end point.

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  • An A to Z Guide to Mastering SlideShare Marketing [Infographic]

    Times are changing. People are no longer interested in reading wordy articles -- and who can blame them? We want visuals! And intrigue! We need to be enticed to continue reading nowadays and unfortunately, many Marketers still don’t know how to incorporate that into their content marketing strategy.

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  • Win More Conversions with These 5 Redesign Tips

    You wouldn’t walk into a job interview wearing sweatpants or a full-on tuxedo, would you? Ok, maybe you would -- but if you did, both would leave the wrong kind of first impression on your potential employer. Just like your appearance at an interview, your website is often the first impression visitors have about your company and what you offer in Inbound Marketing.

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  • 9 Companies Creating Killer Email Newsletters (& Why We Love Them)

    On any given day, I have about 65 emails to open every morning before getting to work. Some are important, but most are just junk telling me about a sale, an update, or an upcoming webinar that I have zero interest in. There are, however, those select few that have me anticipating their next appearance in my inbox.

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