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  • 10 Things You Need to Cease Doing on Social Media

    Everyone is on social media, which is why you are using it as a marketing strategy for your business. However, some things that you do on social media could hurt your brand more than it helps it. Businesses who have content go viral know what they should and should not do. Therefore, today we are informing you of ten things you need to cease doing on social media if you want i ...

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  • 10 SEO Tactics Still Rockin’ it in 2015

    The sound of a hummingbird still drums in our ears. Google’s now famous ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm update spelt the beginning of the end for traditional SEO tactics. And that was 2 years ago. The good news is it’s actually made SEO so much easier. In this article, with the help of SEO professional Alex Miller, I will show you 10 SEO tactics you need to embrace going forward in 2015.

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  • 10 Tools to Hit Your Next Online Meeting Out of the Park

    Business is global. Whatever industry you work in, you’re dealing with people in different time zones, on different schedules and with different priorities. So if the success of your business is dependant on it; how do you effectively communicate with these people? I guess you could rely on email. But we all know how easy it is for an email to slip through the cracks and never get seen.

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