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  • 3 Hotel PPC Campaigns To Get You Up & Running

    Hotel PPC campaigns can seem intimidating at first. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful. This is why so many people are weary of trying out paid search. Once you get the hang of it, you realize that there’s potential for fantastic ROI. Below are a few tips to get your PPC account up and running.

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  • 3 Advertising Truths to Help Your Hotel’s Marketing

    You are presenting an ad to millions. Among them is a percentage, small or large, whom you hope to interest. Go after that percentage and try to strike the chord that responds. Claude Hopkins There are few things that withstand the test of time in marketing. Google can change from one year to the next, or it seems like there’s a new platform sprouting up every few months.

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  • 5 Hotel SEO Enhancements for 2016

    The hotel industry is as competitive as it has ever been. There are book direct campaigns springing up left and right. OTA’s are commanding more and more of the consumers attention. How can a hotel compete? Is it rate parity? Could it be top-notch guest satisfaction? While those are both ways that hotels can stand out in a crowded marketplace, that that wont ensure that they sh ...

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  • Effective Hotel Marketing : Connecting with the Right People

    Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s not about what you know, but about who you know?” This turn of phrase dates back to 1914-1918 but has never been truer than when it comes to hotel digital marketing in 2016. Networking is so important. When it comes to effective hotel marketing, connecting with the right people can skyrocket your marketing efforts on different platfor ...

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  • Hotel Marketing Attribution: Assigning Value to Your Marketing Efforts

    The world for hotel owners can be quite difficult. There are days where you feel like you don’t even have a moment to breathe. You know that the positive aspects of being in the hotel business are worth it, but sometimes it feels like a futile effort. You put one fire out, and then it’s on to the next one. This issue comes up a lot when you are allocating hotel marketing dollars.

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  • Dynamic Search Ads for Hotels; Are They for You?

    For those of you that are not familiar with Dynamic search ads for hotels, let me briefly explain what they are. Dynamic search ads, or “DSA” are a way to dynamically serve customized advertisements to your potential customers via Google Adwords. Google uses their web crawling ability to show the user the most relevant piece of content on your website and ties it into one of your AdWords ads1.

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  • Earned, Paid & Owned Media for Hotels

    Earned, paid, & owned media? Getting into the digital space can be confusing. You know that you need to be there, but there are so many places you need to be. Which will be the best for your bottom line? Which one has the best lifetime value? It’s Facebook!, wait, its email marketing! Is it the website, or could it be PPC? Don’t have a panic attack just yet! T ...

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  • 2 Small Changes To Make Paid Search for Boutique Hotels More Efficient

    What if I told you that there was a way that you could succeed in paid search for boutique hotels with a small budget? I’m not talking about changing the game overnight. I am talking about establishing a foothold in paid advertising for your non-brand hotel. Let’s call it the safest way possible to test the waters. So what is this technique? Well, it’s actually a simple two-pronged approach.

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  • 4 Useful Positioning Strategies for Your Independent Hotel

    Do you know your how your hotel is positioned against your competitive set? Have you considered looking at the positioning strategies for your independent hotel lately? The chances are that you have not. The reason that this happens is that people in hospitality management are so busy doing everything to keep their property running smoothly.

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  • 7 Reasons You Should Consider Voice Search for Your Hotel

    Time: There is a new mobile-first mindset for many consumers. Studies have shown us that users turn to their mobile phone,and more importantly, voice search when they are looking for answers to their questions.1 Information is now more available than it has ever been. The user can gather their information in minimal time.

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  • Do Hotel Guests Reviews Really Matter?

    In today’s internet-driven climate, more hotel guests can voice their opinions of your hotel in a matter of minutes. These initial guests can have their opinions heard and considered by other potential hotel guests. In a matter of minutes, this hotel guests reviews can have their very own rendition of At the Movies with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert; Only this review is about your hotel.

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  • Effective Branding for Hotels –What’s Your Business About?

    In today’s highly competitive business climate, those who wish to stay afloat—and remain profitable—must take a number of steps and measures to do so. For traditional business (and more specifically, hotel) owners, some of these measures may come as a complete and total surprise. Case In Point: Branding Your Hotel Essentially, branding is the creation and integration of a logo ...

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  • Google Update Strengthens Case for Location Marketing

    Advertising today is completely different than it has been at any point in history. The reality of today’s digital style of advertising and marketing is that massive, groundbreaking changes are commonplace. It is not uncommon to completely overhaul your digital strategy after a Google update. Whereas in the past marketing was enhanced and/or changed only occasionally, based ...

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  • Intro to PPC: 6 In-Depth AdWords Resources for Hoteliers

    Competing with others in today’s fast-paced business environment is hard—especially for hotel owners. With the introductions of the OTA’s independent hoteliers must maintain razor-thin margins to stay competitive, but even at ultra-low prices, getting customers in the door can be a struggle. There’s nothing easy or pleasant about it; more business professionals want a piece o ...

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  • 1 Quick & Effective Way to Improve Your SEO – Add Alt Tags

    Dont Ignore Your Alt Tags for SEO Staying up-to-date with process of search engine optimization is tough. The moment that you feel like you have mastered a certain technique, Google comes in with an update, and makes your time investment all-but wasted. This is why it is important for people in the search profession to stay agile and up to date with the changes that are occurr ...

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  • How to Improve Customer Reviews

    Aren’t You in the Hospitality Industry? Do you remember why you first got into the hotel business? This is one question that I think gets thrown by the wayside over time. Would you believe it if I told you that adding a little bit more hospitality, could increase your bottom line? Simply improving your customer service could go a long way.

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  • Google Paid Search Changes to 4 Ad Format

    Noticeable Changes In The Past Week Google has changed the way that they are serving their paid search ads. Paid search marketers might have noticed at the end of January and the beginning of February that the search results began to look a little different. Google always tests in small batches before they are ready to do a release, and this case was no different.

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  • The 3 Types of Search Queries

    21 Deciphering Intent in Search It does not matter if the avenue that you chose is organic search (SEO) or paid search, (Google AdWords) — you need to be focused. I think that most of us can agree on that. The questions start to arise when we decide on, what to place our search focus on. This can be a tough question when starting out because you might not know what options you have.

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  • Quick Google Adwords Intro for Hoteliers

    Paid search is a tricky route to go down if you don’t know what you’re doing. Content marketing and social media marketing have recently gained stream, but one chanel in particular that’s had staying power is ‘paid search’. There are a few platforms out there, but I’d like to start with Google Adwords. Google’s been in paid search since October of 2000 and they aren’t going anywhere.

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