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  • Dark Social – The Marketer’s Guide

    If you’re active in field of social media marketing, the term “dark social” has probably floated around your office in recent months. Perhaps you’re deeply entrenched in influencer marketing and your team read about Adidas’ latest social media campaign that saw enormous returns from dark social outreach.

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  • How to Make Facebook Friends and Influence People (with Ads)

    How many times a week do you still get hit by ads on Facebook that mean absolutely nothing to you? 10? 20? Broad ad targeting on the internet is nothing new, but something about that approach just feels off on an otherwise highly curated platform like Facebook. The obvious issue at play here is that, with over $17 billion spent on Facebook ads last year, there’s no shortage of ...

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  • YouTube Best Practices – Five Things You Can Do Today

    You see millions of viewers on YouTube. You want a piece of the action. So you borrow a video camera, snag a GoPro from home, or just use an iPhone to get what you need. You record, upload the video and wait for the fans to pour in. Sometimes it works. Usually… not so much. Reality check: Throwing a few videos together and putting them up on a YouTube channel isn’t going to ...

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