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  • 7 Ways to Tame the Beast in Your Social Reporting

    We’ve been looking at a lot of social data over the years. By 2011, we had gathered 120 billion impressions on Facebook alone — and now we’re into the trillions. That’s thousands of Facebook accounts, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and so forth. But let’s not mistake having lots of data with performing lots of analysis or creating lots of value.

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  • How to Make the Most of Facebook Mobile Ads

    Are you paying for visibility on Facebook? Have you tried Facebook mobile ads? Given how many people access Facebook on mobile devices, it makes sense to invest heavily in mobile ads. In this article I’ll share how Facebook mobile ads stack up to other Facebook ads and improve your marketing. Find out how to make the most of Facebook Mobile Ads.

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  • How can you create unique value on top of Facebook’s platform?

    How can you create unique value on top of Facebook’s platform? In our meeting at Facebook recently, they told us that our objective should be to create unique value on top of their platform. So if you’re just running ads, selling tabs, or providing pure agency services, your value will soon be competed down to zero or provided by Facebook themselves (as you can see in this new campaign).

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  • Save time making Facebook ads with Saved Audiences

    Save time making Facebook ads with Saved Audiences So you’ve painstakingly built a Facebook ads audience of a few dozen interest or workplace targets. What a chore to have to rebuild that targeting each time, right? Saved audiences allow you to take a well-performing audience and store it for later use, cutting down on the drudgery of re-entering your targets all the time.

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  • What can a $1 Facebook ad budget do?

    What can a $1 Facebook ad budget do? My colleague Christine Brewer wrote a quick article for our friends over at Canada Adopts. I quickly made an ad with just a $1 lifetime budget and some light targeting to people who like adoption, foster care, and are standing for other similar causes. I didn’t think much would come of it with such a large audience and such a small budget.

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  • Is Facebook personalizing ad options based on activity?

    Remember when there were only a few hundred workplace targets on Facebook? You could only target people who worked at big companies. If you were a B2B marketer, you might not be able to hit any of the niche companies in your vertical. But potentially, you could stilltarget folks who worked at Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas (their headquarters) or executives who work at E ...

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  • How to prepare for Facebook’s Sept. 1 ad targeting, bidding changes

    Starting Sept. 1, all targeting and bidding on Facebook rolls up to the ad set level. You can no longer do mixed targeting and mixed bidding. In March, Facebook announced plans to simplify its advertising structure, breaking it down from campaign, to ad set to add. Facebook’s Patricia Lai announced in the PMD News group recently that the company is moving forward on part 2 of ...

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  • How Royal Purple gets penny interactions on Facebook

    What if you could get 7,284 interactions for only $99.32? That’s one cent per interaction. Why is Royal Purple’s cost per engagement (CPE) so low? We interviewed Marlena Solomon, “Social Sensei” at Royal Purple (seriously – that’s what’s on her door tag), to understand how. Marlena knows that social marketing is a process; goals, content, targeting, and amplification are n ...

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  • Measuring Social ROI with tools already at your disposal

    Measuring social return on investment doesn’t require a degree in statistics or voodoo dolls. Just follow these nine steps to diagnose how your social and Web efforts come together. Basic techniques: Look at referral traffic from Facebook. Is it increasing and correlated with your social efforts? Consider how much of it is organic vs. paid.

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  • The ultimate guide to measuring earned media value on Facebook

    Brands ask this question all the time — how do you measure the value of earned media on Facebook? Some just multiply by $5 per thousand impressions (or whoever can provide the highest earned media value multiplier) to report the highest figure. Not the most sophisticated approach, but it might be good enough for companies that sell sugar water.

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  • The Brave New World of Facebook mind control?

    Some folks are complaining Facebook could affect how you feel via manipulating your News Feed. Facebook released research on 689,003 users that had their levels of positive or negative News Feed content adjusted. Not surprisingly, their moods and words they used changed correspondingly with what they were exposed to.

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  • How to refine your audience when boosting a Facebook post

    The Boost option on Facebook has come a long way since launch. With recent changes addressing concerns about targeting and low quality engagement, it’s now a viable option to quickly promote content. However, some effort is still required if you want performance, so careful with simply clicking and forgetting.

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  • Facebook adds a new budget and scheduling button

    When fast food restaurants implemented value meals, their sales skyrocketed. They were simply giving the user choice to streamline conversion. So why not with ads? Facebook used to show you the total spend at the top. So you might have a $70 total budget, then select it to be $10 per day over 7 days. But by putting the total spend at the bottom, the number doesn’t look as bad.

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