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  • Build effective consumer relationships with ads that use intent data

    Lets take advantage of our ability to listen and talk back to consumers through effective deployment of intent marketing. One of the fundamental differences between advertising in the pre- and post-digital worlds is that brands in the digital era have to initiate relationships with consumers. These relationships must be ongoing and truly bidirectional to deliver the best val ...

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  • Three ways to deliver future-focused digital advertising

    Despite last year’s declaration from some industry pundits that the death of digital advertising is here, we think digital advertising will survive and can even thrive. For the industry to survive, though, we need to take a realistic look at how digital advertising hasn’t exactly kept pace with changing consumer habits and attitudes.

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  • Millennial Marketing: Getting Their Attention Through Intent

    Traditional logic behind providing content free of monetary cost is that viewers pay by giving their attention to a brand’s advertisement. It’s a fair exchange: Instead of giving money for quality content, you give a bit of your attention to a brand message. Millennials, however, are becoming both burned out and bored with digital ads altogether.

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  • The Right Tools Are Critical, But You Can’t Forget The Content!

    There are three “greats” that are needed for any digital marketing campaign: great technology, great data and great content. A lot of emphasis today is placed on the first two, and often the content gets lost in the shuffle. It’s completely understandable why this happens. The technology is what allows marketers to get their message out on a scale once thought to be impossib ...

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  • Customers Need To Be Part Of The Advertising Conversation

    Some say that sales was the first real profession. I don’t think that’s true. I believe that it was advertising. After all, you can’t sell people something if they don’t know you have it, even if it’s something they really need. As civilization evolved, so did the methods of advertising. The man on the corner loudly broadcasting that his apples were the finest of the season ...

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  • Knowing When To Retarget (And What Data To Bank It On)

    Consumers today, especially Millennial generation consumers, have signaled to advertisers that they are willing to trade certain levels of privacy in exchange for a more personalized advertising experience that is more relevant to them. In fact, many consumers today have come to expect that ads will have some level of personalization.

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  • Hungry, Hungry Ad Tech: Innovation Through Acquisition

    Ever since the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie, the idea of a large company acquiring a smaller one has carried with it the impression that a big fish is eating a little fish, absorbing it for its nutrients (customers, talent, geography, etc.). This image is made worse when certain large companies acquire countless smaller businesses in a short period of time.

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  • Why Mobile Programmatic Is The Next Frontier

    Perhaps it was inevitable that programmatic buying would begin to take off on mobile. After all, mobile advertising is growing faster by the year, and programmatic, which is expected to be a $20 billion industry by the end of 2016, is showing no signs of slowing down. And yet it wasn’t all that long ago that many marketers doubted whether mobile programmatic could truly work.

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