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  • 3 things to think about when filming a corporate video

    If you’re organising a corporate video to be filmed at your place of work, here are a few tips to make the whole process a little less scary — and to prepare you and your team for when the film crew from the video production company arrives. Talent The people who will actually be in your video will most likely be fussing about what they’re going to wear. There are a few rules of thumb here.

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  • How to appear comfortable on camera or in an interview

    Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Are you one of those people who seizes up the minute that little red light comes on? Does you CEO look like they’re being probed by a Spanish Inquisition when an interviewer asks them a question? We’ve recently completed filming for a series of videos we’re producing for a global company with operations in Australia, the UK and the US.

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  • Smart small brands don’t advertise like big brands

    There’s a great deal to be said for creating a fabulous brand. A brand that immediately evokes an emotion in its audience. A brand that has real identity, knows where it sits, knows where it doesn’t sit, and feels comfortable with the world around it. I almost see these brands as sitting on their jewelled thrones in their monstrous castles, waving at the poorer mortals who hav ...

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  • The secrets to success with video for social media

    Since we started making corporate videos at Lush back in 2008, there’s been one major shift that seems to outweigh everything else: Length is really important. We began with three-and-a-half minutes, but tolerated four. We lopped that down to three, then to two and now, with the rise and rise of social platforms, the ideal snackable video is probably no more than 30 seconds.

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  • 3 tips to make a complex message simple in a video

    Very often we’re approached by clients who have a really complex business or idea that they want to translate into video. They approach us almost apologetically. They’ve tried and failed for weeks or sometimes months to sum up their product in less than five minutes. They can’t do that, let alone get to grips with an elevator pitch.

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  • 3 tips for choosing the right voiceover artist

    Companies spend whole marketing budgets on the way their company looks, but how many pay attention to how their company sounds? In my twenty-something years of recording and producing voiceovers for local, regional, national and international corporate clients, I’ve often been asked “does it matter who the voiceover is?” or told “we don’t really care — you choose”.

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  • The power of voice: how to deliver an amazing presentation

    It frequently amazes me that, when trying to communicate, very often the power of the voice is forgotten. I sit listening to a speech from a CEO about a hugely exciting development in his industry, yet the audience in front of him isn’t pumped. I hear the delivery of the latest strategy from an executive to her team and see her team members surreptitiously checking their iPhones.

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  • How to get the talent right for your next video

    Many marketers will know that when it comes to deciding who’s going to speak on camera in an organisation, it’s not always the ones you’d hope for that are put forward. By “hope for” I mean the ones that aren’t necessarily the chief executive or managing director, but the team member who (might be slightly lower down the rankings but) oozes personality, passion and pizzazz.

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  • Here’s the one big reason so many corporate videos fail

    How often have you watched a corporate video only to find yourself bored by the 30-second mark? You’re not alone. Corporate videos are a big investment — it’s insane how many of them completely fail to engage their intended audience. Surely it’s not that hard to tell an engaging, winning story. So where are the brands and production companies producing these videos going so co ...

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