Alex Moss

  • 5 Tips to Effectively Leverage the Power of User Reviews

    There’s been a quiet shift of company/consumer power balance going on under our noses over the past decade. In an increasingly noisy world, it’s getting harder to grasp the attention of a potential buyer with every passing day and small business is left with two choices – adapt or perish. The modern market is a dog-eat-dog environment and those with the best understanding of ...

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  • Six customer service lessons for @British_Airways

    In the past month I had a bad experience with British Airways. In short, I left my iPad on a plane and it took six days for them to find it and charge me for its safe return. This post is more about the way BA handled my issues both online and offline and how there are a lot of flaws in its customer service and social media management.

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  • First Steps Performing A Mobile SEO Audit

    When performing an audit for mobile SEO, one needs to focus more on specific elements of technical implementation rather than an array of general observations we’d produce in a wider on-site audit. Below you will find some information that will help you to produce a great mobile SEO audit. Check Over Responsive Elements If your site handles mobile browsing via responsive desig ...

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