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  • “I Don’t Know What an API Is, and at This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask”

    Working in an industry that is even remotely technical means acronyms. A lot of them. Most of us have an acronym assertion routine (AAR) that gets us by, and don’t even think twice about it. Hear it once on a podcast? Probably not important. Twice from a peer? Politely ask its meaning. Three times from a guru at a conference? Schedule a 3 hour Wikipedia self-study session this evening.

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  • Why You Should Never Use VLOOKUP Again for Social Analysis

    One of the things I love about Excel is that there is very rarely only one way to do something. Like any programmatic language, there are different schools of thought about how to address your problem set and get results. The Quick Guide to Social Media Attribution Models Download Sometimes it’s okay to throw together something hacky and get quick results if you know you’re ...

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  • 3 Ways That Top Brands Do Advanced Social Analysis…And You Can, Too

    It’s easy to get sucked into the doldrums of day-in, day-out, social media analysis: “Total Engagement, Impressions…just give me the numbers so I can show my boss how well we are doing” is an understandable sentiment for any social media manager or social analyst. 5 Keys to Cross-Channel Social Analysis Download For a lot of organizations just getting up and running, this l ...

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