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  • Facebook Ads: Which provide better results?

    120 Shares 120 Shares × Since 2012 I use Facebook Ads frequently for my own business and my clients for different campaigns with different goals. What I have learned is that the different ads do not always deliver the results that they should or Facebook promises they would! Facebook offers special Ads for different objectives but Photo Ads are the must powerful with much better results.

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  • Facebook Boost Post vs. Ad Campaigns via Power Editor

    76 Shares 76 Shares × Boost Post or use Facebook Power Editor As you know there are two ways to promote your content on Facebook: Boost a Post Create Ads via Power Editor or Ads Manager Boost a post is very easy and you can do it in less than 1 minute. You have a simple screen and don’t need to handle many options.

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  • Are Unpublished Facebook Posts or “Dark” Posts still interesting?

    109 Shares 109 Shares × Unpublished Facebook Posts or “Dark” Posts You may have heard about them but have you ever tried them? Do you know what are their benefits and why page owners or advertisers should use them? Unpublished (dark) posts don’t appear on the Facebook Fan Page and will not annoy your whole fans! This is very useful if you have a wide range of fans from different regions or if.

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  • 2014! Does Email (Marketing) still matter? [Interview]

    Good question… What do you think?! I know that many want to see the end of Email (Marketing) but why? Is it really that bad? Is it annoying or not personal enough? I know spam is a huge problem and… wait… do we not have it everywhere and even more on Facebook, Twitter and other social media? I don’t want to tell you about the benefits of email in this post or show you some great reports and in.

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  • How to create perfect social media posts

    342 Shares 342 Shares × Do you know the perfect formula for your Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr posts? Not that easy right?! Each of them has its own nature and rules. People behave differently on different social platforms and this is the reason why you should treat each of them very special! Beginning with your own Blog ...

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  • Responsive and mobile friendly Email Design

    99 Shares 99 Shares × How old is your Newsletter template? If more than 2 years, then you should think about a redesign but no matter how old it is, it should be optimized for mobile devices. Litmus has published a report about the market share of email clients based on 323 million worldwide opened emails.

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