• in GA – What is it?

    Starting in April 2014, you may have noticed social referrals from Facebook coming into Google Analytics (GA) as source/medium and These referral visits from Facebook were being reported as visits from an unknown source until Facebook implemented the link shim. The link shim is designed to protect users from having their personal identifying info ...

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  • Yahoo Directory Listings: Are They Worth It?

    The result of good SEO is traffic, conversions, and community. Recently, a conversation around the value of the Yahoo directory listing came up at SEER, and it turns out that, in most cases, there is no traffic coming from Yahoo directory listings. In gambling terms, if you bet that Yahoo directory won’t get you any traffic or conversions, you’ll be right around 95% of the time.

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  • Creating a Corporate Blog – 10 Checkpoints for Success

    True leaders recognize the value they have to offer. They listen to those around them and are consistent in their teaching. They share personal stories that others can relate to, and offer tools and information to help strengthen the community. Blogs can be leaders in the same way, should the right contributors be committed to engaging and educating the target community via the channel.

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