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  • How to Use Instagram Story Polls for Fun, Engagement, and Marketing

    Instagram Stories – little photo or video snippets of your life that disappear in 24 hours are perfect for sharing behind-the-scenes looks into your business or products. Now, Instagram Story Polls make it even easier (and more fun) to get more engagement and increase the reach of your content. Instagram Stories were already a powerful tool for increasing engagement, and if y ...

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  • How to Start a Tailwind Tribe

    Tailwind Tribes were designed for busy bloggers to find and share quality content from a group of people they trust and want to support. Tribe Members often report an increase in their Pin reach as well. In fact, among Tailwind Members, those who use Tribes experience 2x follower growth and 3x social shares compared with those who are not using Tribes.

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  • How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

    It wasn’t long ago that the answer to “How do I use hashtags on Pinterest?” was, “Don’t!” Pinterest told us that hashtags didn’t work the way people expected, they could be confusing, and using them may even harm your reach. But in September 2017, all that changed. Hashtags on Pinterest are now a must! How Hashtags Work on Pinterest Hashtags provide a whole new way to search on Pinterest.

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  • 11 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

    It’s no wonder brands and influencers are interested in getting more Instagram followers. Instagram recently reached 800 million active monthly users – and the last 100 million were added in under six months! What are the 500 million active DAILY users doing on Instagram? Sure, we’re posting myriads of selfies, following Insta-celebrities and crazy-talented photographers.

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  • 6 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

    Want to turn your passion for all things Pinterest into a money maker, or even a full-time business? There are several legitimate ways to do so from the comfort of your own home – or the coffee shop, or the bleachers at a Little League game! The “right” way for you to make money on Pinterest depends on how involved you want to be.

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  • How to Find, Join, and Pin to Group Boards on Pinterest

    Do you use Pinterest group boards in your marketing strategy? Would you like to get your Pins in front of more people? With just a few steps, you can find, join, and start Pinning to group boards for more Pin exposure and website traffic. What Is a Pinterest Group Board? Group, or collaborative boards, are owned by one Pinner who has given one or more other Pinners permission t ...

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  • Creating Real Instagram Engagement For Growth

    Has your Instagram engagement dropped recently? If so, you are not alone! Even some Instagram experts have noticed a huge decrease in likes and comments on their Instagram posts. And since we know it’s not a result of “Shadow Ban,” what exactly IS going on, and more importantly – how can we turn it around to keep our Instagram accounts active and growing? Instagram Engagement D ...

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  • How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

    Do you want people to find your blog, read it, love it, and share it? Of course you do! Well, then, you need to be using Pinterest to promote it. But, wait! “I don’t have a parenting, cooking, fashion, or fitness blog,” you say. Wellll, neither do we. Yet, Pinterest is the number two driver of social traffic to our site.

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  • Why The Tools You Use on Pinterest Matter

    Where would we be without our tools? No can openers or hair brushes, no WordPress or Tailwind? Lost. We’d be lost. Fact is though, as handy as can openers are, you wouldn’t use one to pound a nail (I hope!), you wouldn’t pull out your hammer to go rock climbing, or choose WordPress for storing passwords. Not only is using the wrong tool for the job inefficient, it’s also potentially dangerous.

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  • Hashtags on Pinterest?

    Should I be using hashtags on Pinterest? For years, the answer was a resounding, “NO!” The explanation from Pinterest being that they don’t work the way people expect, are confusing, and could actually work against you by sending people to other Pinners’ content. Noted. That all changed this week.

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  • Does it Matter When I Pin to Pinterest?

    Timing matters when it comes to comedy, cooking, and gardening, but what about Pinterest? And why do we ask? You see, when Smart Feed took over and changed Pinterest from a “show every Pin in the order it’s Pinned” platform to one guided by a complicated algorithm designed to make the feed more interesting and useful to us all, many of us suddenly felt empowered to binge Pin with abandon (YES!).

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  • The Truth About the Instagram Shadow Ban – with Jenn Herman

    Yes – We are going there. It’s time to discuss … the Instagram Shadow Ban!!! Cue ominous music and announcer… “Ever since I started using (insert tool here), I’ve been Shadow Banned!” “Help! My engagement on Instagram has tanked! Have I been Shadow Banned?” “I’ve heard using the same hashtags over and over can get me Shadow Banned on Instagram.

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  • How Does Pinterest Work? A Pinterest 101

    I’m so glad you asked! Pinterest works as a giant Pin board (think old-timey cork board with push pins) for all the ideas and products people like to save. Although it is often referred to as a social media channel, Pinterest is actually more of a search and discovery engine with a few social aspects. Oh, and it is a LOT of fun.

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  • How and Where to Add Instagram Hashtags (Before or After Posting)

    Hashtags are a powerful tool for getting your content and business discovered on Instagram. Still, when we analyzed Tailwind member activity, we found that 27% are using two or fewer hashtags when various studies that show using nine or more is optimal for success. Could that be because Instagram is supposed to be pretty – and having all those hashtags in your caption is just ...

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  • How to Book More Weddings with Pinterest

    It’s wedding season – hurrah! But even as you scramble to play your part in someone’s “best day ever,” in the back of your mind is that nagging thought that you should be booking even more weddings. Take heart, my wedding-professional friends! There is a largely-untapped source of bridal bookings at your very fingertips – and that almost magical source is Pinterest! I know – ...

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  • Pinterest Lens Gets a ‘Fashionable’ Update [video]

    What is Pinterest Lens? Pinterest Lens is a visual search tool! If your iPhone or Android Pinterest app is set to English, you have it! “Lens” anything and get an array of suggested pins at your fingertips by going to the search function in the Pinterest app and tapping the camera icon. Enhancements to image recognition of food last month means that you can lens your dinner at a ...

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  • How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Links

    Instagram stories are an unbeatable way to share your behind-the-scenes stories, your product updates, or even (if your account is verified) a blog post image with a link to the post! You can get creative with Instagram stories with a day-in-the-life stories, a takeover event, or even a mini slideshow.

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  • Want Pinterest Ads Results? 8 Things You Need to Know Now!

    Promoted Pins are Pinterest ads, which allow you to pay to have your Pin seen by more Pinners. They often perform better than organic Pins, bringing in more clicks, saves, leads, and sales. With new targeting options and vastly-improved dashboard, advertisers are finding success on Pinterest – and sometimes at a steal.

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  • Pinterest Strategy 101 – Creating Your Buyer Persona

    Who are you Pinning for? If you tell me “women aged 30-65” please know that I am dying a little inside. As much fun as it is to leap right in to Pinning all the things, when your business depends on your marketing success, you know you need to start with a solid strategy. One of the first steps to a solid strategy for Pinterest or ANY kind of marketing is the creation of a buye ...

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  • How to Use Pinterest to Connect With a Local Audience

    Do you use Pinterest to build relationships with your audience? Do you want to strengthen ties with your local community? Including a strong geographic focus in your Pinterest marketing can help you create more visibility with people who live or are interested in your locale. In this article you’ll discover how to use Pinterest to connect with a local audience.

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