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  • How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Links

    Instagram stories are an unbeatable way to share your behind-the-scenes stories, your product updates, or even (if your account is verified) a blog post image with a link to the post! You can get creative with Instagram stories with a day-in-the-life stories, a takeover event, or even a mini slideshow.

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  • Want Pinterest Ads Results? 8 Things You Need to Know Now!

    Promoted Pins are Pinterest ads, which allow you to pay to have your Pin seen by more Pinners. They often perform better than organic Pins, bringing in more clicks, saves, leads, and sales. With new targeting options and vastly-improved dashboard, advertisers are finding success on Pinterest – and sometimes at a steal.

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  • Pinterest Strategy 101 – Creating Your Buyer Persona

    Who are you Pinning for? If you tell me “women aged 30-65” please know that I am dying a little inside. As much fun as it is to leap right in to Pinning all the things, when your business depends on your marketing success, you know you need to start with a solid strategy. One of the first steps to a solid strategy for Pinterest or ANY kind of marketing is the creation of a buye ...

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  • How to Use Pinterest to Connect With a Local Audience

    Do you use Pinterest to build relationships with your audience? Do you want to strengthen ties with your local community? Including a strong geographic focus in your Pinterest marketing can help you create more visibility with people who live or are interested in your locale. In this article you’ll discover how to use Pinterest to connect with a local audience.

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  • Deleting Underperforming Pins – Good Pinterest SEO Strategy or Waste of Time?

    There is no point mourning the loss of the old chronological listing of pins on our Pinterest feeds. Those days are gone and we’ll be dealing with algorithm changes from here on out. That said, any time the topic of Pinterest SEO (or DEO – Discovery Engine Optimization) pops up, so will the tactics and iffy strategies that miss the larger points of best practice.

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  • Pinterest Promoted Pins – Should You Pay for Engagement?

    Promoted pins have a new option – engagement pins. Should you try them or should you keep playing for clicks? Like many small business owners who have tried them, I’ve been thrilled with Pinterest promoted pins. Some even say they are “Stinking awesome!” Not only is the cost per click much less than any other paid social platform, but promoted pins continue to perform long aft ...

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