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  • 2017 Business Lessons: Here’s What We Learned

    2017 was a great year for our agency. We strengthened our leadership with the appointment of a COO and CMO We signed exciting new clients, in a variety of industries and verticals (and have become obsessed with them) We wrote, designed and produced award-winning creative that was engaging, purposeful, and downright beautiful We helped our clients grow their businesses and se ...

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  • ‘Tis the Season: Holiday Marketing Tips

    As the cold weather starts to roll in, we’re reminded of what’s coming… the holiday season. The upcoming months are not only the busiest of the year but also when the most spending occurs. Most retail marketers are heading toward the largest business and profits of the year and it’s important to make sure your marketing campaign isn’t left in the dark this winter.

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  • 5 Things I Learned From Media Relations: What Modern Marketers Need to Know

    Last week Overit hosted Media Relations: What Modern Marketers Need to Know, a panel discussion featuring notable editors from the region: David Howard King, The Alt Judy Patrick, The Daily Gazette Greg Dahlmann, All Over Albany Sarah Ruane, Spectrum News We invited these professionals because we’ve come to have great relationships with them from pitching our clients’ stories, to actually brin.

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  • PRSA Boston’s Social Media Summit: What I Learned

    Last week, I attended PRSA Boston’s Social Media Summit to hear insight from industry leaders on creating engaging content, using video for social, and the current and future trends in the sector. While I was overly excited about being named the conference’s top tweeter for my live-tweeting efforts, I was even more excited about the new ideas and information I learned from the speakers.

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  • More “Stories” of Copycat Social Media Features

    Yesterday, Facebook announced a new update that includes features like a new in-app camera, a new feed of ephemeral stories at the top of users’ News Feeds and a private messaging feature called “Direct.” Since I previously lambasted Facebook’s Instagram for copying Snapchat with Stories, the feature has grown to reach 150 million daily users (source).

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  • Media Relations & What You Need to Know

    For a platform that we interact with daily in print, through TV, radio and online, a majority of people don’t know the process of how news is produced and what’s truly ailing newsrooms. With a better understanding of the current state of media, though, publicists can better work with press, and clients can better work with their publicists.

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  • December Events at Overit

    The holiday season is upon us! Along with good tidings and delicious food, this time of year fills our social and professional calendars very quickly. At Overit, we have a handful of events taking place throughout December that we’re excited to share with you. They range from all-day-long to a few hours, so we hope you can fit one (or all!) events into your schedule.

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  • Instagram Stories = Snapchat

    Instagram recently launched a new feature called Instagram Stories, described by the social platform as “a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day… As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.” With upwards of 500 million active monthly users, Instagram has a massive audience.

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  • How To Find Your Newsworthy Story

    We live in a time when anyone with a computer has the opportunity to start a global company, find investors through crowdfunding, or develop a mass following on social media. It’s an incredible time to be alive, because anyone has the power to build a brand. As awesome as this is, it also means that the competition for the attention of your brand’s audience is more vast.

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  • Data, Internal Communications and Finding Purpose in PR – 4 Lessons from PRxNE 2016

    Last week, I attended the Public Relations Society of America’s Northeast District Conference (PRxNE 2016) to accompany Overit’s Jen Van Iderstyne as she presented on SEO, and to learn from other industry professionals from across the region. We’ve all heard about how PR is evolving, but the experts at PRxNE 2016 truly drove the point home with presentations focusing on Face ...

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