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  • Make Better Connections With Facebook’s New Message Features

    Imagine walking into a retail business to make a purchase just to be completely ignored. No one responds to your “Good morning!” greeting or answers the question you ask about their products; they just continue doing whatever they were doing when you walked in. Imagine if that happened 88 percent of the time. Surely, you’d no longer be a customer of that establishment.

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  • How To Set & Achieve SMART Online Marketing Goals

    In my last post, I went over some tips for identifying and finding your target audience on social media. For beginners entering the social media or online marketing space, it’s a crucial step that determines success or failure of all following decisions you make in your marketing plan! Now that we’ve got the audience identified and you know who you’re talking to, the next st ...

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  • 4 Tips To Instagram Your Business

    I'll admit, I was late to hop on the Instagram bandwagon. I kept hearing it was all the rage with the youngsters these days and that Facebook was now considered "lame" (aka "the new MySpace"). Apparently, anyone under the age of 20 thinks Facebook is for us oldies (most likely because their moms are on it, and that is, like, not cool).

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