Aliza Gans

  • 4 Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers in the Digital Age

    My Baby Boomer mom once advised me to “hook up” with my elementary school pal in New York through “the Facebook.” I rolled my eyes but held my tongue because she’s helping me pay rent. It’s also at these moments that I laugh at the fact that marketers are way more obsessed with marketing to Millennials like me than to people like her; she’s the one with the money to blow, as Drake would say.

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  • Around the Room: Content Marketers’ Biggest Challenges

    It’s not easy being a storyteller—especially when you’re a brand that’s just starting to catch on to the importance of digital exposure and forming that elusive brand newsroom. At the Contently Summit last Wednesday, publishers and content marketers came together to network, inspire, and commiserate about the biggest challenges of being champions of content marketing.

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