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  • The other side of brick-and-mortar retail: Survival of the fittest

    The stories about major brick-and-mortar retailers closing physical locations in favor of online-only models are piling on, garnering attention with hyperbolic doom-and-gloom headlines. However, there is a different, more telling side to the story. Clearly, there are too many malls and too many stores, and the internet is impacting the retail landscape significantly.

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  • Why brick-and-mortar retailers need to go digital with analytics

    While online shopping continues to grow and meet consumers’ needs for convenience and competitive pricing, brick-and-mortar stores still ultimately bring in the greatest percentage of retail transactions. Why? Many consumers enjoy and prefer the hands-on and face-to-face experience that brick-and-mortar retailers offer.

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  • Shopping centers reinvented: 2017 and beyond

    With the recent swath of retail store closings — The Limited, American Apparel, some Macy’s and Sears locations, and others — it’s clear that the brick-and-mortar mall shopping model is in need of transformation. Heavy reliance on traditional anchor department stores is on the way out, and specialty retailers must go beyond the status quo of merchandising and marketing to st ...

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  • The new era of brick and mortar: not business as usual

    Retail marketers have long focused on perfecting their omnichannel strategies; however, the rules of consumer engagement have changed. Many major anchor stores are either closing or redesigning their approaches, and the overall mall landscape is changing to meet the needs of a new audience. And while shoppers can be reached on a variety of platforms, they remain individuals ...

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  • Brick-and-mortar retail tech: Through the shopper’s lens

    In the world of brick-and-mortar retail technology, there is an ever-increasing array of innovations offering the latest bells and whistles and promising to help retailers attract and engage shoppers. Apps, beacons, smart fitting rooms, digital mall directories, in-store consumer path tracking… the list goes on.

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  • How to harness the IoT of retail technology

    Digitally connected brick-and-mortar retailers have gathered an enormous amount of data regarding their consumers’ preferences via Internet of Things (IoT) hardware such as mobile devices, cameras, smart lightbulbs and beacons, but this data often remains underutilized without driving questions. The key to achieving a truly connected overall marketing strategy lies in integr ...

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  • Brick-and-mortar revitalizing omnichannel success

    Many people originally believed the rise of the internet would result in the extinction of brick-and-mortar shopping. The rationale was that retail locations could never compete with the ease and convenience of going online to buy and the ability to find “anything” and have it shipped to your doorstep. The same logic might have even been applied to the mail order catalog business.

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  • In Retail, It’s “The Year Of The Customer”

    Two of retail’s largest and most influential conferences were held in January 2016, though they happened to have taken place about 1,000 miles apart. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention in New York City, commonly known as “Retail’s BIG Show,” is where retail executives coalesce to discuss innovative ideas, share insights and learn about new technologies ...

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