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  • 9 Traits of an Uber-Effective PR Pro in 2015

    Sometimes it feels like the world is in free fall. The public relations industry is evolving and things we’ve been trained to do as traditional PR professionals appear to be less important than they once were. Do you ever find yourself wondering which traits and skill sets are really important? Of course you do. We all do.

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  • Twitter Chats: Manage the Overwhelm and Make Strong Connections!

    Does Twitter feel really noisy to you? Kind of like a firehose of information turned up full and blasting you in the face? You may be struggling with a case of Twitter Overwhelm. Twitter overwhelm is very real. For many, especially new users, Twitter’s speed, volume and required brevity make participation daunting, which can be problematic for PR’s.

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  • Can PR Keep Up With The Future?

    “The future has a way of arriving unannounced.” — George Will Over the past few weeks my friends and colleagues have made a mad dash to a new social network, checking its pulse, kicking its tires and trading opinions on its potential value. The social media pundits are starting to weigh in on its functionality. Life as we know it has changed…again.

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  • Will Twitter Change Your Life? It Changed Mine.

    Twitter is no longer simply a place where people come to make jokes and drop quickie status updates. It’s practically infrastructure: a core component of the global communications system. Mat Honan, WIRED As a public relations professional, especially today, when journalists, bloggers and other influencers are short on time and looking for story ideas or resources, you need ...

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  • Does Facebook Work for B2B PR? These Brands Say Yes!

    Do you find yourself discounting Facebook as viable tool in your digital PR campaigns? It’s understandable, especially if your target audience is made up of other businesses. Facebook is for keeping up with family and friends, viral videos and LOL cats, right? Don’t be so sure. Facebook, with all of its quirks and daily algorithm changes, still presents tremendous value a ...

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  • 9 Tips for Pitching Bloggers…Without Alienating Them!

    Blogger outreach is becoming an integral part of a public relations professional’s job. Where once blogs were viewed as less important than traditional media, today’s digital marketplace shows that blogs continue to grow in popularity and influence. Sadly, some public relations practitioners stumble in their efforts to pitch to bloggers, either out of ignorance or a perceived lack of time.

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  • Don’t Launch Real Time Communications for PR Without This!

    Some days the world feels like it’s spinning out of control, doesn’t it? Recent news has been—still is—sensational and tragic and we’re inundated by updates on news stories, offered to us through myriad traditional and social media channels. We’re also being bombarded by examples of poorly handled attempts at real time marketing communications (RTMC).

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  • LinkedIn’s Evolution: New Tools for the PR Toolbox?

    LinkedIn, the “business” social network, continues to evolve, adding bells and whistles and functionality that can make a business communicator’s little heart pound. Its most recent additions, LinkedIn publishing and Direct Sponsored Content, have particular value for PR professionals. You remember LinkedIn? The social network that boasts approximately 84 million members in t ...

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  • Build a Better Media List With These Advanced Social Media Tips

    As a public relations pro you depend on building and maintaining strong business relationships. You need to keep your lists of media, bloggers and industry influencers current and accurate. And you’re often tasked with entering into new industries or beginning to build relationships with people you haven’t yet met in person. Doable? Yes. Time consuming? Sometimes. Enter social media.

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  • 9 Ways to Generate Buzz During a News Drought

    Have you ever been in one of those “news droughts”? Those dry, dusty times where there’s nothing “newsworthy” to pitch to the media? When, in spite of your best efforts, you can’t imagine what you can say that hasn’t already been said or has an element of interest to anyone on the outside. Most of us are all too familiar with this scenario. We’re under the gun to generate publicity.

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  • 5 Tips to Avoid Spamming Your Target Audiences

    Are you spamming your target audiences? You might be. And you might not even realize you’re doing it. We’re not talking about the canned ham product here. Spam, the term used to describe mass emails or postings of unwanted or inappropriate messages online, also applies to posting the same content on multiple platforms. Or sending the same pitch email to all of the journalists on your list.

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  • PR Pros, Time To Leverage Your Authorship and Social Reach!

    Brace yourself! There’s a new kid in town. Well, tool, that is. It’s a no-cost content platform called ClearVoice, built to showcase author authority. ClearVoice, which launched in June, will provide content creators like bloggers, journalists, authors, PR professionals and business communicators, a way to achieve a ranking for their work.

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  • 3 Ways to Leverage the State of Public Relations in 2014

    As a PR professional in 2014 you’re tasked to develop strategies and campaigns to generate and create good will for the organizations you represent. You’re expected to integrate the latest technology with the tried and familiar to provide the most comprehensive and effective results. Right? Right. It isn’t easy is it? Seriously.

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  • Digital PR: Build Those Bridges Don’t Burn Them!

    Public relations is all about building bridges: between ideas and people, brands and people, and people and other people. Everything we work to accomplish in PR today has its foundation in building bridges and relationships. Not in burning them. Yet, focusing only on the tools we use in digital PR and setting aside basic common sense, practicality and old-school courtesy lea ...

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  • 3…2…1…Blast Off Your Content Marketing With NASA 360′s Tips

    NASA 360 is an award-winning vodcast designed to take you on a journey to the stars. NASA 360 shows you how technologies developed by NASA impact your life today—and are paving the way to the future. Produced in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center, NASA 360 gives you a “first look” at everything from rockets to robots, from the next generation of aircraft to the l ...

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