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  • How Lawyers Can Benefit From Visual Content

    Image via Flickr user Loozrboy When most people think about studying law, they think fat, leather-bound tomes and densely worded texts. The formal, technical and sometimes incomprehensible nature of the wording used in legal documents even inspired it’s own term, “legalese,” as if it were written in a different language entirely.

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  • How To Use Appropriated Advertising Imagery Appropriately

    Appropriation, or the act of re-using and re-purposing pre-existing imagery, has long been an effective communication tool. Artists have appropriated imagery for decades to comment on pop culture, but advertisers and marketers also use appropriated imagery to make a connection with audiences. However, when not done correctly, “appropriation” can merely become a ripoff of someone else’s work.

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  • What Road Signs Say About Human Perception

    Street signs are tasked with a difficult job: to quickly and effectively provide important directional information to drivers traveling at high speeds. They must work at the extremes of the human perception of speed, and (ideally) be understandable by any person who may encounter them. To do this, street signs must reduce design down to its most functional elements and play ...

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  • Create A Better Brand Social Media Profile

    Nearly three quarters of online adults in the U.S. use social media, and 53 percent of active social networkers follow a brand. So with social media becoming an ever-more-standard online marketing tool, it’s becoming harder for brands to stand out among their competitors. Good design, especially for smaller brands, is absolutely necessary.

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  • How To Talk To Your Graphic Designer

    via Designing anything from scratch is hard, especially when you’re new to working with a designer or design team. Turning an idea into a product is a laborious process, and can’t just be handed over to design professionals; the client needs to be involved to help guide the process.

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  • “Inclusive Design” Meets The Needs Of Every Customer

    Screenshot from “Inclusive Design: from the pixel to the city” by the Design Council We strive to be inclusive in our workplaces, our buildings and our government, but still too few products of all types are designed with a diverse set of users (with a diverse set of skills) in mind. To combat this, the UK Design Council recently launched the Inclusive Design Hub to highligh ...

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  • Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

    Image via Flickr user Bill Dickinson The fonts you choose for both your logo and your content can say a lot about your brand. Because of this, big brands are extremely particular about their typography choices and smaller brands can learn a lot from studying their visual decision making. After looking at the corporate styling guides for many of the companies on Forbes’ list ...

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  • Stickers, Vinyl And Instant Photos: The Return Of The Physical Object

    via Flickr user Leo Hidalgo In a trend that seems to buck the standard of increasing digitization of music, movies and television, the record industry has seen a well-publicized growth in vinyl sales in the past five years. During this “vinyl revival,” sales of LPs tripled from 2008 to 2013, and vinyl sales are already up more than 40 percent in the first half of 2014.

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  • Marketers Face Basic Challenges When Using Analytics

    Besides being one of the primary metrics used for selling advertising space on websites, analytics can be powerful in determining the type of content consumers are looking for and help businesses better tailor their online experiences for customers. However, with analytics programs able to turn any interaction with a website into a number, it’s important to keep in mind tha ...

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