Alyssa Hertig

  • 35 Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know

    Content marketers are junkies for concise and compelling stats. It’s easy to see why. Content marketers are constantly trying to sell clients and colleagues on why they should become publishers, even though it’s often a stark departure from the way they’re used to doing things. And since content marketing is such a new and rapidly changing discipline, quick-hitting stats hel ...

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  • 5 Predictions From Top Media Minds

    Content marketing is a big trend made out of many smaller trends—the Matryoshka Doll of media, if you will, with one exciting new technology stacking into the next. Predicting these trends has become the new national sport of the media industry, and at the TrackMaven Marketing Summit earlier this month, media leaders took out their crystal balls, peered into this sea of tool ...

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  • Is Neuroscience the Future of Content Marketing Measurement?

    When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of creative content, it’s always difficult to balance intuition with science. But some neuroscientists think there’s room to completely turn marketing on its head. “I guarantee that if you’re relying on traditional measures like surveys and focus groups to understand the whole consumer in today’s modern media landscape, you are de ...

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