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  • 10 marketing metrics to master for first-time startup owners

    When you’re just starting out as a business owner it’s easy to become wrapped up in the seemingly endless number of metrics you *need* to pay attention to in order to determine the success of your business. However, the problem with following a lot of metrics is that it can become very easy to not pay close attention to any of them, and isn’t the whole point of following metri ...

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  • Google AdWords: the dos and don’ts of callout extensions

    Callout extensions are a really important component of Google AdWords, and they can be incredibly useful in describing what your business has to offer that may not be clear by your links and description alone. Take the example below from Google: “Acme Electronics” uses AdWords and is able to list their website in the first line, general business description in the second lin ...

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  • The Five Fundamentals to Creating a Powerhouse Blog

    Your blog should work for you on at least several different levels: 1). As a creative outlet for your ideas and energy; 2). As a marketing tool for your brand, whether that brand is personal, educational, business, or a combined blend; 3). As a continuing interaction with others. Yet so often people create a blog with high expectations, and then get discouraged and neglect their work.

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  • Five simple user experience tweaks for better conversion

    Sometimes the functionality and user experience (UX) on a website can make or break a business. Things like mobile optimization or page load-time are talked about so often in the SEO world purely because a user will have no hesitation leaving if they are not having a positive experience on your website. It’s that simple. That being said, not all “good” websites are created equal.

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  • 14 most important SEO tasks in order of priority

    SEO can be overwhelming for any number of reasons. Between local considerations, seeding the right content in the right places, and various other on-page and off-page factors, it’s tough to know where to begin even when it comes to basic SEO essentials. What makes things even more difficult is that you can’t just start anywhere and chip away at your work.

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