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  • 7 things to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform

    Ecommerce has been growing steadily in popularity for the last 10 years. Online sales jumped up nearly 15% last year across the board, and they’re predicted to only increase in the future. If you’re starting a business and selling products and/or services, an ecommerce site is crucial in order to capitalize on this explosive online sales growth.

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  • The most effective ways to respond to negative reviews

    Customer reviews are one of the most important pieces of your marketing campaign, and research has indicated they may have significant impact on your ranking in search. In fact, 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would a personal referral. However, not all reviews are positive. At some point throughout the history of your business, you’re going to run into negative reviews.

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  • 5 easy ways to launch a local email marketing strategy

    Email marketing is alive and well in 2017, with over 269 billion emails being sent every day. Unfortunately, according to Email Monday, of these 269 billion only 22% of retail emails are opened. This is significantly less than the open rate of 34% garnered by other types of emails. It’s also important to note that of the emails that are opened by consumers, 45% are done via a mobile device.

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  • So what is growth hacking, really?

    In 2010 Sean Ellis, entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor and now CEO of GrowthHackers, coined the term “growth hacker” as someone whose every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative is attempted in the hopes of growing. But that’s pretty vague, right? Check out the Google Trends graph below. Lots of people are searching for this term, so let’s dig into what it really means.

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