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  • When To Use Income Level Geo-Targeting in Adwords

    Google Adwords has a multitude of targeting and bidding options. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which option is the best for our clients and their goals, so we just have to test them out! One of the Geographic options we have is to target users by their demographic/income level. You can target these specifically, add to existing targeting, exclude or modify bids by income levels.

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  • Think Twice Before Using Top of Page Bidding in AdWords

    What we did While bidding to the top of the page isn’t always the best strategy for paid search, it can be a good strategy depending on your goals, i.e. focusing on clicks or awareness, being the most competitive for certain terms, etc. We recently had a client who was hitting the end of their busy season and we started to notice their top competitors were getting more aggressive.

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