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  • How PPC Helps Your SEO Efforts

    Last week we touched upon how to use PPC for Email Marketing. Today we’re going to discuss how PPC can help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. PPC & SEO PPC campaigns can help determine which keywords are highly searched and which keywords are driving conversions (sales/leads). You’ll also derive what kind of messaging from ad copy testing is the most compelling to users.

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  • 3 Hacks That Will Make You An Analytics Star

    I know many account managers get a little flustered when you mention Google Analytics and using it for PPC management. It’s not that they don’t recognize the value, and it’s not even that they don’t know how to use it, it’s just that everyone usually thinks they’re not utilizing it to full potential and they’re going to look like a newb if they have to show how they’re using it.

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  • 7 questions you should be asking about new AdWords URLs

    Changes to AdWords are nothing new coming out of the Google camp, but it’s a pretty mixed bag with positive and not so positive changes. So, when you heard about new AdWords URLs, you were probably scratching your head and trying to figure the whole thing out. Well, scratch no longer (really, you’ll get a blister)—we’ve got you covered! Did you hear about Google taking away ...

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  • Simplify With The Google Analytics New Display Advertiser Features

    Last week, we told you about this sweet new thing in Google Analytics (GA) called “Display Advertiser Features”, which lets you toggle a switch to start collecting remarketing data without the pain associated with placing new codes. If you have Universal Analytics set up, you can tell GA to start collecting data on your site visitors that allow you to use these types of features.

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  • Critical Injuries That Will Take You Out of the Game

    As we’re working to keep with a football theme this week, I wanted to tackle what I first think of when football comes to mind: injuries. It may be because I have a son that will one day hate me when I tell him there’s no way he’s playing football, or maybe it’s because I have no real knowledge of the game outside of Friday Night Lights (Street! Nooo!).

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  • 2 Important Ongoing PPC Agency Services

    As a business, you may not be looking for full PPC management services, but you know that you need extra eyes on the account. Below, we list two ongoing services that PPC agencies can offer. Recurring Audit The recurring nature likely lends itself to not only in-house account teams, but would probably have to be for fairly high budget situations.

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  • Moving Beyond Keyword Targeting In 2015

    Series week continues at PPC Hero as we try to write about the same topic every day. This week’s topic is predictions for 2015. When I’m asked to think about 2015, the first area I assess is how keyword targeting seems like it’s becoming less relevant, and there are so many new alternatives to targeting ads. I fully expect all the new features in 2015 to follow suite.

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  • Making The Case For An Account Restructure

    Most of the time, we inherit PPC accounts from new clients or when we take on new positions as in-house managers. I’ve been in the industry for nearly four years, and I have yet to take on a client that came to us with no account. Naturally, we all like things organized a little differently. Some of that is just preference, but some differences in organization can really have ...

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  • 5 Tips To Improve Client Communication

    It happens to the best of us: you and your client just can’t seem to get on the same page. Neither of you know for sure where each other is coming from or where you’re going. Something you thought everyone was on the same page about ends up causing a huge issue because, surprise, you weren’t even in the same book.

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  • The Argument For Match Type Segmentation

    There have been many debates recently in our agency and here on PPC Hero over match type segmentation. It's not surprising that people get heated when hearing that their way isn't best. I suggest that every Account Manager should do what they feel works best, but there are many factors to consider when deciding the best option.

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  • 5 Strategies For Dealing With Restricted PPC Budgets

    We've all seen it: the little orange text saying, "limited by budget" next to your campaign. The red alert that Google uses to say, "hey, you're limiting your campaigns!" Unfortunately, we can't always choose when we can open budget up, and we aren't always able to expand budgets even when performance is great.

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  • 4 Steps To Back To School Success

    It's time again for series week at PPC Hero! This week's theme is "Back to School." Even though it's only July, school will be starting back up soon. Our authors will be sharing tips and insights for running productive Back To School campaigns while also speaking to how account managers can most effectively discuss strategy with clients.

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  • 4 Negative Tactics To Save Money

    We tend to think of our PPC accounts in terms of how we can grow volume. There are always keywords to add, new sites to target with your Display ads, different ad copy to test, etc. However, there are many ways to save money by thinking negatively about your account management. What should you be excluding? What are you targeting that you shouldn't be? Taking advantage of thes ...

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  • 8 PPC Hacks You Should Be Using

    Let's face it: we could all use a little help. Today, I'm showcasing 8 PPC hacks that can help your campaigns flourish. You may know of a few of these already, but even if just one is new to you—you could really rake in the benefits! Ad Hacks While the official limit on ad headline character length is 25 characters, these two dynamic products can stretch the limits.

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