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  • Lessons on responding to negative online comments

    By Amber Osbourne, {grow} Contributing Columnist Recently, I saw the movie Chef. People had encouraged me to see it for months, because of its social media connection. I was surprised by the lessons on business and social media in its messaging. It’s a great story with a subplot of how social media can make or break you as a business owner.

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  • Six Tips to Beat the Wintertime Blogger Blues

    By Amber Osborne, {grow} Contributing Columnist During the holiday season, theorectically a time of cheer and togetherness, I always see an increase of Grinch-like behavior on my social networks, in the office or even waiting in line for coffee. You all know at least one Grinch… the person who always talks about how much their LIFE sucks, or how much PEOPLE suck, or how much YOU suck.

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  • Finally, Small Business Social Media is Evolving

    By Amber Osborne, {grow} Contributing Columnist These days, almost all small businesses seem to share the same concern: “How do we succeed at social media?” I’ve noticed in the last year or so that there has been a dramatic shift in many small businesses’ approach. Instead of the more traditional “get-more-likes-and-followers” social marketing techniques, more businesses see ...

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  • Are You Falling Out of Love with Your Blog?

    By Amber Osborne, {grow] Contributing Columnist When I started blogging many years ago, I looked up to other amazing bloggers out there who generated massive amounts of content. I would get emails from them daily with their beautifully written, descriptive and well-thought-out blog posts. Some even had custom, high quality images or infographics every day.

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  • I don’t mean to offend you, but…

    By Amber Osborne, {grow} Contributing Columnist I am sure we’ve all had a friend, coworker, customer or even a stranger say a version of this phrase to us before. Usually, this passive aggressive disclaimer, ”I don’t mean to be a [insert negative term here] but…” is followed up by something offensive or downright mean.

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  • The always-on world has checked us into iHotel California

    By Amber Osborne, {grow} Contributing Columinist Being a CMO and online marketer with a product based in social media management, I am guilty of falling into this vicious “always on” circle. I don’t have a 9-5 job. Sometimes feel I have a 24/7 job! I’m notorious for scaring people with my response times to tweets, even in the middle of the night.

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  • Live first. Post later.

    By Amber Osborne, {grow} Contributing Columnist This past weekend I was at a concert in Vegas for my birthday. It was a tour opener for the bands Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, each iconic bands in their own rock genres. I’ve seen Nine Inch Nails a few times in the past; it’s always an unforgettable energetic show where the whole crowd becomes a connected entity to the puls ...

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