Amy Harrison

  • 3 Subtle Content Techniques That Make Your Offer Addictive

    Leading up to my wedding, I indulged in one of the most lavish things. No, I didn’t order doves to be released after the ceremony or commission an intricate ice sculpture. I hypnotically worked my way through half a tube of $45 lip gloss in just two weeks. How did it happen? Simple, subtle, persuasive content.

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  • 3 Signs Your Content is Too Sexy to Be Taken Seriously

    When you’re deciding what content to create for your business, the lure of sexy is tempting. A new “Top 10″ post goes viral. Or maybe a controversial blog post gets featured on a top site and catapults you (and your business) into the spotlight. A sudden influx of views, shares, and attention is appealing … But sometimes showing peacock feathers can have a fleeting ...

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