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  • Email Marketing: A Fresh Take From the Experts

    Email and content are long-time buds. Subscribers are central to building a successful business. There’s no better content distribution channel than email. What would email marketers have to do if content wasn’t there to give them something to say? In fact, 93% of B2B marketers reported using email to distribute their content in CMI/ MarketingProf’s B2B Content Marketing: 201 ...

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  • Content Marketing ROI: 4 Ways to Get Started

    Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the journey toward measuring your content marketing ROI starts with a single area. It’s a first step that 28% of B2B marketers aren’t taking — they say they aren’t measuring the ROI of their content efforts, according to CMI’s B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends — North America.

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  • Your Content Team Can Sprint with Agile Marketing

    Agile marketing is fast becoming the way for marketing teams to produce impactful, audience-focused resources consistently. I was delighted to hear members of the content marketing community embracing Agile methodologies in my recent #CMWorld Twitter chat. As I answered questions, others chimed in, making the conversation a gold mine of insights and ideas on Agile marketing th ...

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  • Agile Principles + Content Marketing = Long-Term Success

    By now I hope we’ve all heard that content marketing is a long play. You simply can’t decide to try it out for a couple of months and expect to see huge payoffs. Instead, to get the most out of your content you have to get management, executives, or whoever holds the purse strings to commit to at least a year of consistent content marketing.

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  • Keep Content Flowing With This Easy Agile Marketing Tool

    There are times when a wrench gets thrown into your content marketing machine and you can’t figure out who threw it. Nothing seems different, but suddenly you’re rushing to make deadlines, editors are stressed, and the whole process has become frantic. It’s time to step back and figure out where the workflow is breaking down.

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