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  • Multi-location local SEO strategy: domain structure

    Photo credit: Clark Street Mercantile Enterprise brands with a major brick-and-mortar presence have a unique challenge in digital marketing: connecting with consumers online, with the intent of ultimately encouraging them to visit a physical business location to make a purchase. By creating a more user-focused experience that includes individual location landing pages for p ...

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  • Local SEO in 2017 and beyond: managed strategy vs. automation

    Over the past five-plus years, the digital marketing world has seen an influx of Local Search SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms emerge with different value propositions for brands with physical store locations. Generally speaking, these platforms allow companies to store business location data (Name, Address, Phone Number) in one central location, and then subsequently ...

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  • Local SEO: Don’t Rely on Paid Inclusion

    Early in the days of web search, Inktomi (one of the first search engines that supplied results to Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other web portals) was updating their index every three to six months. Many businesses were calling up the search engine asking how they could get into the search index more rapidly and potentially be refreshed more frequently. They were even willing to pay for such a service.

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  • You Have Location Pages! Now What?

    The importance of individual location pages continues to grow for all franchise and multi-unit businesses. In my last article, I discussed the details of why and how ranking matters for long-term visibility and success. There is a natural extension between local listing management and SEO service offerings that can be leveraged to grow existing clients.

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  • How to Optimize Multi-Location Pages for Local SEO

    After 17 years in the search engine marketing world I know one thing to be true: If Google thinks it’s important, we should be paying attention. The Google My Business release in June and “Pigeon” update in July indicate local business listings are a hot topic for the search giant. Most multi-location brands understand the benefits of higher ranking for local pages, but have ...

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