Andrew Girdwood

  • Nine considerations for movie-based SEO outreach campaigns

    Alien invasions have had their costs calculated by finance companies. Fashion boutiques care about superhero costumes. Travel firms researched where films were made, and retailers know which gadgets spies use… As a blogger I receive infographics throughout the week which contain great movie related content. Only the best of them will be published and only the clever will earn a link.

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  • Friday Commentary: Are you the Right Shape for Your Agency?

    This post is part of the Friday Commentary. In this series every Friday experts will shine a light on the digital industry. Where are we heading, what is going on and how should we approach this as decision makers? In this commentary we are talking agencies with Andrew Girdwood. I have written in the past how the size of an agency matters less than the level of expertise it is able to offer.

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