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  • Deeplinking: A Fundamental Change in the Mobile App Ecosystem

    A recent study found that the average US consumer spends nearly 2 hrs and 45 min on a mobile device every day, with 86 percent of that time spent in mobile apps – a clear indication of how mobile devices and apps have completely transformed the way we access the web. Mobile apps are now able to deliver content, facilitate social networking, provide a gaming or shopping experi ...

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  • Unbundling: The Multi-App Movement

    Over the past six months several prominent organizations have unbundled their flagship app, opting alternatively for a portfolio of smaller, specialized apps. With the rising cost of user acquisition and the hyper-competitive mobile app ecosystem, breaking an app apart and pursuing a multi-app strategy may seem counterintuitive.

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  • Emerging Formats For Mobile App Install Ads

    Over the past several months a number of major players in the mobile marketing space released new mobile app install ad formats designed to simplify the user experience and encourage more app installs. Considering that global mobile ad spend jumped 105% in 2013 and is projected to increase another 75% in 2014, the need to continuously innovate has never been more important.

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  • 3 Major Types of Mobile Analytics

    At the heart of mobile analytics is the desire to identify meaningful patterns in data. However, pinning down a precise definition for the term “mobile analytics” can be challenging. Part of this difficulty is appropriately attributed to the fact that “mobile analytics” is used by various organizations to describe different types of data discovery that all operate under the mobile umbrella.

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  • Implications of Facebook’s Anonymous Login Shakeup

    Facebook held its f8 Developers Conference last week for the first time since 2011. One announcement from the conference that has generated a fair amount of conversation is Facebook’s intent to offer an “Anonymous Login” option. The announcement actually mentioned three features related to user privacy: Anonymous Login, a new version of Facebook Login, and a centralized cont ...

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  • Decoding the Acronyms: A Beginner’s Guide To Mobile Advertising

    Earlier this year, researchers at eMarketer announced that global spend on mobile advertising is on pace to reach $31.45 billion in 2014 – an incredible 75% increase from last year. Other experts estimate that global mobile ad spend will reach a staggering $41.9 billion by 2017. If reality maps anywhere close to these growth projections, one thing is certain: you can expect ...

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