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  • Why the email list takes second place to the phone book

    Once considered on the decline, phone calls are now the gateway for tracking offline and online consumer behavior in unprecedented ways. No longer reserved just for voice calls, the phone has become much smarter now with apps, access to the internet, texting, cameras and navigation. What used to take a variety of tools is now aggregated in one place.

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  • Every call is becoming data: Rich customer data revolutionizes call analytics

    Rich data is about to do for call analytics what it has done for customer behavior online: build a rich profile of each caller and predict purchase intent in real time. In short, a call becomes more than just a call — it becomes data. Caller data is the kind of business intelligence that has been missing from call analytics and will change how businesses interact with consumers.

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  • ROI beyond likes and shares: 5 ways calls validate social ad spending

    Social media advertising is on the rise and set to increase exponentially. In fact, a CMO survey of marketing executives reveals a projected increase of 20.9 percent in the social media share of marketing budgets over the next five years. Facebook has already experienced this influx of advertising money, recently reporting a year-over-year increase in ad revenue of 57 percent. Yet only 3.

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