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  • Can Google AdWords Work for YOUR Business?

    I lost $13,757 on Google AdWords with my first business. That totally sucked, especially since I was self-funding. Someday I’ll write a post about it so you can learn from my painfully embarrassing mistakes. I was new to AdWords at the time, so of course I made many technical mistakes. But my biggest mistake was simply not understanding the following: Google AdWords coul ...

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  • Kill the Rotating Banner… If You Want New Customers

    Few website features are as popular as rotating banners. And few are so effective at killing your online lead generation. Rotating banners are also known as “image carousels” or “sliders”. They allow you to show multiple banner messages to your website visitors by presenting them one at a time. They usually rotate automatically at fixed time intervals.

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  • Marketing for Startups – the MIT Way

    Each January I deliver marketing seminars at MIT, my alma mater. The attendees are undergrads, grads, business school students, alumni, teachers and other members of the MIT community. This year, together with my podcast partner Kenny Goodman, we crafted a very special all-new seminar to address the burning marketing questions that we hear over and over again from new company founders.

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  • Forget Setting Marketing Goals. Focus on This Instead.

    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. No, I’m not a humbug — I just don’t think that successful goals are built upon an arbitrary calendar date. But I do set goals. Lots of ‘em. 5-year goals, yearly goals, monthly goals… which then break down into weekly and daily tasks. This goal process is based on a truly spectacular book that I gush about regularly: “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

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  • Do You Need a Lead Magnet for Your Website?

    It’s a safe bet that you’ve requested a whole bunch of lead magnets recently, even if you didn’t know it. What’s a “lead magnet,” you say? A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that a business offers in exchange for your email address. It’s that simple. A lead magnet could be a special report (like my current lead magnet), a white paper, a tool kit, a cheat sheet ...

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  • 3 Big Reasons to Love Google AdWords

    As a small business owner you love Google… and you hate Google. You know that loads of great prospects are searching for your exact services on Google. Yet, day in and day out, they’re not finding you. Could anything be more frustrating? (Also see How AdWords Became Critical for Your Business in 2013) Well, it’s time to make your peace with Google and embrace Google AdWords with open arms.

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  • 3 Daily Work Habits that Will Transform your Life

    I know something about you. I know that you never have enough time. How often do you go through your day feeling weighed down by the mere thought of all the things you know you should be doing for your business but aren’t? How often do you go to bed feeling defeated by your lack of progress? Resigned that you just can’t do any more about it today? Clinging to hope that tomo ...

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