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  • 10 Visual Marketing Tips to Master Social Media Engagement

    There’s a lot of buzz surrounding content marketing at the moment. It seems like a lot of the advice out there is all about maximizing quality and creating a ton of value in every piece that’s created for a content marketing strategy, with popular approaches such as the skyscraper technique and Moz’s whiteboard lessons on creating 10x content dominating the industry.

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  • 7 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Your Instagram Ads

    Instagram has never been more popular than it is now. It was already on the fast track to success when it launched in 2010, and it seems to have strapped on a jetpack after Facebook’s acquisition of the site. According to eMarketer, the number of companies leveraging Instagram for advertising has steadily increased year over year, and this number is likely to surpass other so ...

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  • How to Rapidly Build a Huge Periscope Brand

    It’s hard to believe the speed at which some social platforms take off. Periscope gained notable velocity after it was acquired by Twitter and officially launched in 2015. Today, the service boasts over 2 million active daily users. Among those users are roughly 15% of major brands that regularly use Periscope to engage their followers.

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  • 25 Power Words to Drive More Engagement With Your Social Campaigns

    Some 2.1 billion people have social media accounts, and as many as half of those people are checking out social content more than once a day. With that kind of social activity it begs the question… “Why isn’t my engagement higher?” Poor engagement is a problem marketers have been wrestling with long before we started reaching out to audiences on social media.

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  • 26 Different Lead Magnet Ideas That’ll Drive Dramatic Results

    Keeping track of potential leads is important, especially considering that less than 5% of visitors to your website will make a purchase on their first visit. But creating a signup form for your blog updates isn’t enough to draw volumes of new leads. More and more people are using feed aggregators to read their favorite blogs, making signing up for email updates seem pointless.

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  • How to Measure Engagement the Right Way

    The term “content engagement” gets thrown around a lot. I get that. Why would we be creating content if we didn’t want people to engage with it? But what, in all seriousness, does engagement actually mean? “Clicks,” “social shares,” and “time on page” are phrases I often hear when companies talk about how they measure engagement, but how accurately do metrics like these discl ...

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