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  • Google says we don’t need no stinking location modifiers… or do we?

    Last week, Google declared that the “near me” search query and other “geo-modifiers” (e.g., ZIP code, city name) were, if not dead, then certainly not worth spending your valuable SEO time worrying too much about: In September 2015, we shared that “near me” or “nearby” searches on Google had grown 2X in the previous year. Now, just two years later, we see that behavior has continued to change.

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  • If your GMB page updates & no one knows, does it make a sound?

    If you own SEO at a multi-location brand (or an agency that works with them), it can be hard to sleep at night. Once upon a time, we were approached by a multi-location retailer about a Google My Business (GMB) problem. Apparently, at some point, Google updated the phone number on a decent percentage of their GMB pages from the local store number to their national customer support number.

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  • Dead Fingers Still Walking?

    Seven years ago I wrote a post entitled “Dead Fingers Walking?”, where I imagined Google notifying various yellow pages companies about the blindingly obvious fact that they were basically screwed: “But now, since we couldn’t buy Yelp, we have come to realize that perhaps showing links to yellow pages-type sites for local queries may be a tad on the evil side.

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  • National retailers: Stop ignoring local SEO

    When I worked in NBC’s Internet group, I had this idea to aggregate all of their local station websites into a single network. When I pitched it, my boss’ initial reaction was, “Why do you want to bother with the local affiliates? They are a royal PITA.” It’s been a while since NBC-IN, but even today I still see evidence that national-to-local companies, specifically retaile ...

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  • ‘Things to do near me’ SEO

    If you are targeting local searchers and have not employed a “Near Me” SEO strategy, I think it’s time we had a talk. As you can see, Google Trends data shows explosive growth of “things to do near me” queries worldwide. But it’s not just “things to do” — it’s pretty much every query that has local intent.

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  • ‘Things to do near me’ SEO

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • Can SEOs make local search great again in 2017?

    It was bad enough that Prince, Leonard Cohen and Mrs. Brady checked out in 2016, but then I had to go and read David Mihm’s excellent 2017 Local Marketing Predictions, and I couldn’t find a cocktail fast enough to drown my misery. Mihm’s piece is a sober look at how Google has been leading us all down the path to a single result and how SEO is going to get even tougher over ...

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  • When going HTTPS, don’t forget about local citations!

    Migrating your site to HTTPS is all the rage these days. Google is on the record as saying that using “https” in your URLs can give a site a ranking boost. That said, going HTTPS has its share of SEO challenges. Here are but a few of the HTTPS horror stories we have witnessed over the past year: Sites go HTTPS and don’t redirect or canonicalize the HTTP URLs to their HTTPS versions.

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