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  • As Facebook Audience Network Broadens, What Does It Mean for Your Campaigns?

    This article originally appeared on Marketing Land. Some of the latest changes for Facebook’s Audience Network give it a legitimate claim of being a chief competitor to Google for both website publishers and advertisers. In 2016, mobile web inventory was added on top of in-app placements, and then more recently, Facebook announced the expansion of Audience Network to include n ...

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  • Study: New Instagram Ad Call-to-Action Buttons are Driving Up ROI for Marketers

    Since Instagram advertising became widely available to marketers in August 2015, the company has been quick to optimize ad formats and capabilities to unlock higher returns, particularly for direct response advertisers. One recent change to Instagram ad formats is a new call-to-action (CTA) button format, introduced with the goal of increasing conversion rates for performance ...

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  • 4 Data-Backed Video Advertising Best Practices

    This post previously appeared in MarketingLand. Video has caught on with performance advertisers across industries, but as the ad format becomes much more prevalent, it’s arguably harder to break through to users themselves. Digital marketers need to be keenly aware of what gets attention and generates conversions.

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  • Super Bowl 50 on Facebook: Mobile and Video Advertising Will Win Big

    Advertising during the Super Bowl means a lot more today than simply investing in a TV spot. As more than a hundred million people in the U.S. get set to watch the game on Sunday, research shows that many of those same people will also be simultaneously browsing on their phones, tablets, or laptops.

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  • Lead Generation: 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview [Free Report]

    From driving newsletter signups or business inquiries to cultivating leads for financial lenders or finding prospective students for a university program, lead generation advertisers on Facebook have a wide range of unique performance objectives. They are highly data-driven, know their market inside and out, and are constantly motivated by reaching the best new leads in the mo ...

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