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  • 7 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Culture That Works

    If you’ve ever worked with a company where no one knows who is supposed to own what content or how content aligns with company objectives, you’ve probably seen tension build between departments and within teams, and you’ve probably seen content produced that’s aimless and inconsistent. In large B2B organizations especially, no one person or team owns all the content.

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  • 5 Content Marketing Myths To Correct Now

    The content marketing opportunity is accelerating, according to a survey by PQ media. The survey tracked all digital branded content and predicts that content marketing is expected to more than double by 2019 to a $54.25bn market. And now everyone is a content marketer, right? At least that's the trend we're seeing on LinkedIn, as search, social, PR and digital marketers cha ...

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  • The Rise of Content Performance: The Search and Social Link

    While many marketers write about the rapid rise of content marketing and the importance of ‘xyz' ways to produce killer content, many fail to truly understand what content marketing really means ‘beyond the blog post', ‘beyond the view' and ‘beyond the like'. According to data from the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of organizations use content marketing, but only 21% say ...

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  • The Rise of the Content-Driven Organization: A Change in Marketers’ Focus

    The marketing landscape has evolved. Vast changes in technology, consumer mind-sets and organizational structure have influenced a multitude of changes in recent times, one of which stands out above the rest – and it is focused on content. Though many perceive merely a change in rhetoric – after all, companies have been developing and safeguarding content strategies for decade ...

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  • Avoiding Content Marketing Spam: Content & SEO Culture, Process, Ownership

    Earlier this year I wrote about how to scale content efficiently in your organization. In that post I pointed to three important elements of content that often go unmissed – culture, process, and ownership. As content production and publication statistics rise in 2015, just how do successful business stand out from the crowd and scale efficiently? We are entering the season ...

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  • 3 Building Blocks for Content and Search Marketing Success

    The search-marketing environment that we live, communicate, and work in has changed rapidly from a once siloed landscape to a connected, innovative, and consistently changing ecosystem. Content has become the catalyst that drives demand and fuels search and digital marketing campaigns. Today’s modern search and content marketers need to have a diverse set of skills and knowl ...

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  • The Evolution of The Content Marketing Ecosystem

    Content marketing has reached a crossroads. Technologies serving the industry are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Content marketing, digital publishing, and social media are converging. The digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented. Even changes in wider sociological factors and consumer mindsets are having an impact on the way we find, consume and share content.

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