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  • How JavaScript impacts page loading speed on mobile

    The effect of JavaScript on mobile web performance is twofold. One, it is the second largest contributor to webpage weight, behind images, thereby increasing download time; and two, once downloaded, the browser then needs to run the script, which can delay the downloading/rendering of other (perhaps more important) assets on the page.

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  • How to reduce the impact of images on your mobile site speed

    Images are the main culprit for causing oversized web pages (average size 2.2MB) that can perform slowly on mobile devices. Last week, we looked at how to optimize your mobile site speed and test for issues that might be slowing your site down. With Google placing more and more emphasis on mobile site speed and user experience in order to achieve a good ranking, discovering is ...

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  • The highs and lows of Google AMP: 1.5 years on

    Articles published with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) load four times faster than standard mobile pages with a 35% improvement in engagement time, according to new research from Chartbeat. Facebook Instant Articles (FIA), a key competitor to Google’s AMP product, load faster than AMP. But publishers see three times as many AMP articles viewed per day than FIA articles.

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  • How to optimize your mobile site speed: Testing for issues

    The right picture is very useful on mobile and responsive websites. But images that are too large, too numerous and unnecessary simply slow down page load times and get in the way of the users reading and doing what they need to do. The problem: the size of webpages sent to mobile phones has quadrupled in just five years. The main cause: images, which account for 68% of total page weight.

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  • Google I/O: What’s going on with Progressive Web Apps?

    At Google’s developer jamboree, Google I/O, last week the search giant paraded a host of big name case studies and compelling stats to herald its success with two initiatives to make the mobile web better and faster: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Progressive Web Apps are a Google innovation designed to combine the best features of mobile apps a ...

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  • How video impacts mobile web performance and UX, part 2: autoplay and audio

    Mobile video is a major up-and-coming trend in content, with brands everywhere converging on the new and lucrative mobile video market. Mark Zuckerberg said on a recent shareholder conference call that he sees video as “a megatrend on the same order as mobile” – which makes mobile video, the intersection between the two, the ultimate sweet spot of engaging content to draw in n ...

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  • Mobile ad viewability: what is it and does it matter?

    Brand advertisers and their agencies only want to pay for mobile ads that are seen by a person. They do not want to pay for ads that are not ‘viewable’ i.e. they don’t render or are displayed where they are invisible; or for insufficient time to register the message. With brand advertising a mobile ad does not count as an impression and the advertiser thus should not be charge ...

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