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  • Time to Adopt HTTPS

    I recently developed a comprehensive questionnaire to determine if it’s worthwhile to move your site to HTTPS if you haven’t already. If you can answer “YES” to any of the following questions, we highly recommend making the switch. Do you have a website? Wait, what? Only one question?!? So you’re saying… That’s right. If you have a website, it should be on HTTPS. Period. The End.

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  • A Web Dev’s checklist for maintaining page speed

    It’s obvious to say that all websites need upkeep, but often times they are left as “good enough.” Collecting dust, attracting hackers, slipping in the rankings. We’ve already gone into painstaking detail about why page speed matters and various levels of guidance for site speed optimization overhaul from novice to advanced.

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  • Embraces HTTP/2 (with open arms)

    One of my goals this year was to get set-up utilizing HTTP/2 and optimizing that configuration. Late last week I was able to accomplish that, and the results are impressive. Like, 500 milliseconds impressive. We used to top out around 1.2 seconds after going to HTTPS, so I didn’t think the results would be that dramatic. What’s more, this was a relatively easy win.

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  • GitHub Auto-Deploy Reprise

    Most of my time is dedicated to dev projects that make the lives of marketers easier. Web sites, apps, tools, scripts, etc. Today however, I’m writing for web devs in an attempt to make their lives easier. And their solutions smarter. On top of that, I need to correct the approach I wrote about a couple of years ago for a GitHub auto-deploy solution.

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  • Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bit of a mystery for most developers. So, I’ve put together this checklist of SEO essentials that will make your SEO team and your client very happy. Inspect the HTML source code Get picky about HTML source code: Is your HTML structure valid? Valid HTML structure makes the page easier for search engines to parse. You can validate it here.

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  • Why Page Speed Matters & PageSpeed Insights Fails – A Developer’s Tale

    At this point, anyone who browses, manages, and/or creates websites on the regular, should know that page speed matters. So.. everyone. It’s no surprise that we demand our information fast, like right meow. If this is a new concept, you are lagging far behind. I believe the majority of users understand this but are still figuring out how to accomplish it.

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  • Ultimate Guide to Site Speed: WordPress Optimization

    Preface: Let’s make a ruckus Chapter 1: How to use this “book” Chapter 2: Why Site Speed Matters Chapter 3: What Impacts Site Speed? Chapter 4: Novice Chapter 5: Intermediate Chapter 6: Advanced Chapter 7: Tools Chapter 8: Glossary Hidden Track: WordPress Optimization ← You are here Special section: Optimizing for WordPress We show unabashed favoritism and profess our love for a piece.

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