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  • Why Page Speed Matters & PageSpeed Insights Fails – A Developer’s Tale

    At this point, anyone who browses, manages, and/or creates websites on the regular, should know that page speed matters. So.. everyone. It’s no surprise that we demand our information fast, like right meow. If this is a new concept, you are lagging far behind. I believe the majority of users understand this but are still figuring out how to accomplish it.

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  • Ultimate Guide to Site Speed: WordPress Optimization

    Preface: Let’s make a ruckus Chapter 1: How to use this “book” Chapter 2: Why Site Speed Matters Chapter 3: What Impacts Site Speed? Chapter 4: Novice Chapter 5: Intermediate Chapter 6: Advanced Chapter 7: Tools Chapter 8: Glossary Hidden Track: WordPress Optimization ← You are here Special section: Optimizing for WordPress We show unabashed favoritism and profess our love for a piece.

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  • Can and Should I Run WordPress in Parallel with my Existing Site?

    This is a question I get asked a lot as senior developer at Portent. A client, new or existing, has an established site running on some platform, and wants to add on a blog, a microsite, or the ability to easily control top-of-funnel marketing content. Technically, “in parallel” means WordPress (WP) is set up to run alongside your existing site, hosted from the same server.

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  • GitHub Auto-Deploy Setup Guide

    In an effort to streamline development updates to a code base in a staging or production environment, we have created an auto-deploy setup guide for any GitHub ( repository. What you will need: A server to host your site. Our example is a Ubuntu (Linux) server running either Apache or Nginx and PHP SSH access to your server with sudo/root privileges A GitHub.

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  • Launching Marley Natural™ In a Distributed Environment

    It was 4:05 AM PST on November 18th when I got the email from Paul: “Andy – NBC broke the embargo early, please push the site live now.” I had just awoken an hour and a half earlier after a 3 hour nap. Preceding that, 17 hours straight of environment tweaking, nginx/php5-fpm/varnish configurations, and meticulous testing.

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