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  • Local SEO in 2015

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hi. It’s been around about a year since we last spoke about local SEO. So today I’m going to look at some of the updates that have occurred since we last did a video on this subject and give you some of the top-level information that you guys need to understand and know is going on from an online business point of view.

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  • Has SEO Changed? 11 Years in SEO

    This year marks my 11th in SEO and Digital Marketing. It seems a very long time ago now that I went to a chance interview with a web design company in Hampshire for a potential vacancy for a job I wasn’t even aware of. 11 years on and the rest, as they say, is history. As someone who has been totally self-taught throughout my online career, I’ve amassed some serious experience along the way.

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  • How SEO and Content Marketing Work Best Together

    This is the transcript for our new video. Andy: Hi. James: Hi, guys. Andy: So today we’re going to be looking at SEO and content marketing. We’re going to look at how the two should be working together in a joint campaign, the benefits of it, and why you need to incorporate the two, and the sort of results that you should be seeing on the back of it.

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  • Social Media ROI: Is It Worth It?

    Social Media – still a taboo subject for far too many companies. It’s also often overlooked as a genuine marketing tool. But this needn’t be the case. Social Media is both an effective marketing tool that delivers strong ROI – but only if used correctly. Let’s look into this further. Many preach its importance, but the causal individual use of platforms like Twitter and Facebo ...

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  • Calling All Businesses: What Is Your Best Ranking?

    It’s an interesting question. Can you answer it? Most SEOs will jump at the chance of showcasing their best ranking. But what about you guys who own online businesses? If you own an online business and aren’t using any kind of consultancy or agency to help with your Digital Marketing, I want to know, what is your best ranking? Ranking well in Google is the aim of a majority of online businesses.

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  • Putting Yourself In Front Of The Right Audience #EdgeManchester

    This afternoon I am speaking at the On The Edge Manchester conference. The subject I am addressing is how to put yourself in front of the right audience.This post contains the slide deck and a summary of the presentation. My presentation is based on a challenge I set to one of my team members. I presented them with the challenge of defending their name.

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  • Essential Local Business Listings for Local SEO

    This is a transcript of our new video. Hi guys. Today I’m going to be talking about essential local listings for local SEO. Now the reason I’m looking to this section of local SEO is because you find that a lot of local businesses who have a presence online are wondering why they’re not ranking locally for their terms, and it could well be that they’ve optimised their site for ...

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  • DIY SEO: Getting Your Research Right

    So, you are a business owner and you have a website. You rely on your site to bring in a percentage (if not all) of your revenue. You aren’t ranking as you would like and you know you need to get moving in the search engines to start bringing in the big money. But before you start with DIY SEO, check out these pitfalls to avoid.

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