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  • Kindle Unlimited Makes Sales For Authors

    I shared the story of my ill-fated “let’s not publish new stuff in KDP Select” experience on my Just Write a Book Blog. I definitely lost money with that little experiment. All the ebooks I which I hadn’t enrolled in KDP Select, and which were therefore not available in Kindle Unlimited, are selling well now that I’ve enrolled them.

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  • Promote Your Writing In Any Way You Can

    A reader asked how to promote your writing, when you write more and more. You can promote everything, it takes too much time. She was asking about promoting ebooks, specifically. She’s written around 15. It’s a challenge. Do the best you can. With ebooks, you can try: Bundling them. Try compiling three or more ebooks which are related into a new ebook.

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  • Ebook Promotion: How To Blog Your Novel

    We’ve been talking about ebook promotion this week. It’s a popular topic, and I’ve had questions. Several readers asked about how to blog your novel. Another reader put his current novel on the backburner for now, and doesn’t know how to tell his blog readers that he’s started a new novel. Let’s look at blog topics for novelists first.

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  • Market Your Ebooks To Get Out Of Keyword Hell

    Authors complain about marketing, but it’s necessary, otherwise you won’t make sales. There are endless ways to market your ebooks. Sadly if you’re relying on tags and keywords to make your ebooks discoverable, you’ll hit a snag. Some authors on Amazon cram their titles with a dozen keywords, so your book is pushed back ten or 30 pages deep in the search results.

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  • Writing Classes: Offerings Ending This Week

    Readers complain they miss out on offerings for writing classes. So here you go: we have a couple of offerings ending this week. Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — prelaunch ends soon Serial fiction is a hot trend. We mentioned serials in Story Power, but students wanted more. So, here you go — Serial Fiction Bonanza.

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  • Ebook Promotion: Fast, Easy And Powerful

    If you’re an author who hates ebook promotion, you know you need to build a readers’ list, but it seems complicated. It’s not. You can create a simple webpage, and direct your readers to that so that they can sign up to your list. We’ve discussed using Squarespace for simple one-page websites. Squarespace creates gorgeous one-page websites, which look great on any device.

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  • Creating Websites The Easy Way

    If creating websites is part of your job, you want to do it the easiest way possible. I’ve recently become a fan of template-based website-creation tool Squarespace. After using it, I was so impressed I transferred my writing classes website to the platform. My reasons included: ease of use, as well as easy commerce. By the way, I have no connection to Squarespace, I just like the product.

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  • Writing Short Fiction Roundup

    Over the past week or two, we’ve been talking about writing short fiction, in conjunction with the prelaunch of our new program, Kindle Short Fiction Domination: Today’s Blueprint For Writing Success And Income. Kindle Short Stories: Profitable, And Fast To Write Today, short stories are profitable. Amazon doesn’t care whether you publish a 90,000 word novel, or 9,000 word short story.

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  • 11 Minutes To A Rock-Solid Writing Habit

    If you know that you procrastinate, so that your writing doesn’t get done, here’s how to develop a writing habit. It works to build any habit, and all you need is 11 minutes — daily. You know you should be writing, but… You’re watching a DVD, or Netflix, or you’ve just spent an hour on Facebook when you should be writing. You tell yourself that you’re tired, and you’ll write tomorrow.

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  • Kindle Fiction Boom For Savvy Authors

    Clever authors are enjoying something of a boom on Amazon’s Kindle Store. 69% of the 50,000 bestselling ebooks on Kindle Direct Publishing are genre fiction. Choosing a hot-selling genre makes all the difference to sales. Our latest program, Write and Sell Commercial Fiction FAST: Bestselling Kindle Genre Fiction Cheat Sheets, gets authors up to speed on genres.

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  • Copywriting For Writers Is Now Available On Kindle

    Copywriting is an essential skill for writers. Chances are, you don’t want to run your own copywriting business. However, you need to write Web copy, and sell your writing services, so you need copywriting skills. This ebook will help you to: Promote and sell your writing services, as well as products you’ve created, such as ebooks; Discover how to chunk down your copy, into “copy blocks”.

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  • Kindle Ebook Cover Creator: Fast and Elegant

    Judging by my writing students, sourcing Kindle ebook covers cause more angst that writing a book does. Yes, covers are important. However, you can create them yourself very easily. Perhaps you’ve heard of Canva, the graphics editor? It’s also the easiest ever Kindle ebook cover creator. Canva does the hard work for you of ebook cover creation for you In the image above, you c ...

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  • 5 Blogging Tips To Help You To Love Your Blog

    A few days ago, one of my students said that she was giving up her blog — it was taking too much time, for too little return. Many more people give up their blogs than commit to them for the long term, so maybe you feel the same way. If you do, here are some blogging tips to help you to fall in love with your blog, perhaps for the first time.

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  • Content Ideas: Easy Types Of Content

    At least once a week, a client complains that they’re all out of content ideas. I created a quick mind map of easy types of content for them. The map usually sparks lots of fresh ideas, and inspiration. They realize that they have content which can be repurposed. You have more content than you think you do Often, all unknowing, a client has a mass of content that’s able to be repurposed.

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  • Writing For Money: The Reason You’re Not Selling

    This is a “writing for money” blog post, which I’d normally post to the Fab Freelance Writing Blog. But this post isn’t just for people who get hired to write, it’s for anyone who’s selling online. So, if fits better here because it’s broadly applicable. It’s also the single biggest mistake I see companies making with content marketing. Not to mention authors.

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