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  • Lessons Learned From 2,345,864 Exit Overlay Visitors

    Back in 2015, Unbounce launched its first ever exit overlay on this very blog. Did it send our signup rate skyrocketing 4,000%? Nope. Did it turn our blog into a conversion factory for new leads? Not even close — our initial conversion rate was barely over 1.25%. But what it did do was start us down the path of exploring the best ways to use this technology; of furthering o ...

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  • WTF Are Hedonic Shoppers and Why Should You Care?

    It’s a lonely life for an abandoned shopping cart. Photo by Chris Glass. 67.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned, according to the Baymard Institute. Across the web, we see toolmakers capitalizing on this number, and promoting the idea that poorly optimized carts are costing retailers two-thirds of their sales.

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  • It’s My Form in a Box! Try This Simple A/B Test

    ♭Are you wise enough to know when a gift needs givin’?♮ There are plenty of ways to screw up a form. Put your form above the fold, you’re a pushy salesman. Put it below the fold, you’re a pushover. And what’s good CTA copy? Three fields or two? There’s never a firm answer. But since forms are the apex of lead gen campaigns, these are very important questions for every digital marketer.

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  • 3 Killer Case Studies on Boosting Sales and Signups With Exit Popups

    If you’ve read any of Matthew’s posts on the subject of exit popups, you know they’re generating some kickass conversion rates for marketers across the web. But what’s the best way to use an exit popup? Should you try to capture signups? Offer shipping discounts? Reduce cart abandonment? Direct users to high-converting pages? As you’ll see in these case studies, it all comes ...

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  • The 4-Hour Website Optimization Challenge: What Would the Experts Do?

    You’re being lowered into a pit of anacondas over four hours, and only a lift of 0.01% or more could stop it — best get optimizing! Image by Viktor Hanacek via picjumbo. As marketers, the clock always seems to be against us. So when it comes to conversion optimization, most of us simply don’t have enough hours in the day to plan and execute a proper strategy — even if we do ...

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