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  • 7 Essential Tips for Media Managers to Achieve Professional Success

    The modern day media manager has the best and worst position. How? The good news is, she is learning valuable skills regarding how shoppers are consuming media, an ever-evolving, always-moving target. The bad news? She’s probably too busy to harness this knowledge into a bigger, better, higher paying gig. So we at Adknowledge are going to do a bit of the heavy lifting for you.

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  • The Best Super Bowl Ads According to YouTube Data

    As pundits on TV, around water coolers, and in sports bars debate the merits of the calls from this Sunday’s Super Bowl, advertisers are making their own calls on whether their ads scored a touchdown or missed the goal line by inches. And as reviews of the best and worst Super Bowl ads roll in, we at Adknowledge’s TriVu media (who obsess about both data and video) crunched t ...

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  • Five Surprising Stats About Pre-Super Bowl Advertising Every Marketer Should Know

    70 Million As of this morning, our Pre-Super Bowl Advertising Scoreboard shows consumers have viewed Super Bowl official teasers and spots on YouTube roughly 70 million times. To put this in perspective, this is like 7,700 years of continuous viewing. And this is on You Tube alone – that does not count other social networks and publishers talking (and showing) all things Super Bowl-related.

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  • 5 Reasons Why YouTube Crashing the Super Bowl Matters to Advertisers

    As we have all heard by now, YouTube announced last week that it will be hosting its own Super Bowl half time show—sans Katy Perry. Here are five reasons marketers should take notice: 1 Harley Morenstein, creator of the YouTube show “Epic Meal Time” will host YouTube’s halftime show, with fellow YouTube celebs like Freddie Wong and Toby Turner joining him.

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  • 17 Amazing Super Bowl Statistics

    The Super Bowl is a big deal—not just for sports fans, but also advertisers who pay dearly to get their message into the commercial breaks in the action. There’s a good reason for that: with more than 100-million people watching, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to reach your target audience. This year, Super Bowl advertising – in ...

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  • Hey, Advertisers! Don’t have $4 Million? Crash the Super Bowl Party!

    In less then three weeks, Madison Avenue will slam into NFL Park Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona at Super Bowl XLIX. Amidst the beer, wings and nachos, there will be two games happening – one involving a pigskin, the other involves an ad meter. Anyone in advertising or marketing is keenly interested in the Super Bowl Ad Meter, an annual survey of TV commercials conducted in a liv ...

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