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  • Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Contently Live

    B2B marketers know that even the world’s best content won’t drive leads if it lives on an ineffective website. Until now, there hasn’t been an out-of-the-box solution for a content site designed to help B2B marketers. In this webinar, Contently director of sales Steve Peck reveals how Contently Live, a customizable content hub, will drive the lead generation, attention, and re ...

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  • The Hidden ROI of Speaking Engagements

    A few weeks ago, I asked my boss if I could hire a public relations intern. “Sure, no problem,” he said, before adding, “but Gavin will have to sign off.” Gavin, a serious Irish dude, is our VP of finance. Here are three things he doesn’t care about: soft ROI, brand awareness, and summer Fridays.

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  • Finance, Hospitality, and Retail Brands Take Top Honors at the Contently Awards

    In case you missed it, the Contently Awards had their debut last week. Three companies were recognized at the Contently Summit for having the best content marketing in the categories of startup brand, mid-market brand, and enterprise brand. Despite our underestimation of the number of submissions we would receive when we announced the competition, the judges put in extra hours ...

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  • 3 Awesome SXSW Panels That Won’t Happen Without Your Help

    Written by Ann Fabens-Lassen Believe it or not, SXSW is a lot more than BBQ, beer, and amazing music—although, full disclosure, there were plenty of those things at the Contently SXSW Cookout last year. What’s important is that there are also a ton of interesting panels, keynotes, and interviews. These conversations change the way people think about big issues and solve difficult problems.

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