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  • One Easy (and Easy-to-Overlook) Way for Marketers to Adopt the Customer Mindset

    Marketing personas? Check. Customer data? Check. Strategy? Check. Deep understanding of your product or service and the problem it solves? Yep. Empathy for the customer? Absolutely. Sweet marketing automation platform? Of course you’ve got that, too! You’re armed with all of the above—all the things you need to create the kind of nurturing campaigns that blows last year’ ...

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  • How One Company Used Automation To Sell Smarter (And More!)

    This is the story of a once-failing Boston appliance company, and how it used marketing automation and other digital marketing tools to radically alter its course. Not too long ago, Boston’s Yale Appliance was losing money. The economy was in the midst of a recession, and, “I’d read somewhere that people will buy some things anyway during a recession—and one of those things w ...

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  • How To Repel The Wrong Customers And Attract The Right Ones

    As an automation-savvy marketer, you are focused on attracting attention, nurturing relationships, and then converting people into customers. (That’s vastly oversimplified, but basically accurate.). But it’s just as important to signal who is not a good fit for your business, right up front at the “attraction” stage. In other words, it’s just as important that we deter as well as attract.

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